One More Time…with Feeling! A Zano Rebuttal

The Crank

Dear dear Mikkie, First I wish to thank you and your family for a wonderful weekend. I especially enjoy the blue lips I now have from the fucking Martianic oxygen levels you  billy goats have ‘up mountain.’ “Hey Crank, what are the perfect things  for a fat, old, oxygen starved gorilla with two knee replacements to do?  I know, let’s walk a lot, eat a lot, and climb some stairs too!  Just because I usually win the argument is no reason to try to finish me off.

Your latest drivel is a milestone in all things drivel; it’s uber drivel. Fast acting uber drivel, which also sounds like something I saw on an infomercial once.  All your—uh, ummm—work, so to speak, was at least fast at getting my pump going enough to redden my lips again. Our conversation over overpriced wine and microscopic desserts was mind numbing. I am amazed you have the guts (not balls, your sister’s got balls) to print it!

Ben Quayle is correct-Obama IS the worst President in history. Not because all he has done is not correct the Bush Abominations. That’s your story.

Here is a list of fuck ups:

  1. Appointing know nothing idiots to posts they know nothing about, and have no real experience in. 30 of them. In a row. All failures. Some down right dangerous. A first ASSistant that manages to infuriate more people on his own side than even I do. A Science Czar that thinks Star Trek is real (Live Long and Prozac). An economic Czarina that looks WAY too much like Fred Flintstone and is ironically sending us back to the Stone Age. A Car Czar that didn’t ever hold a real job (right out of school—a real Zano special). A Czar in charge of education who wants children in K thru 8 to be taught the wonders of homosexuality. It is the parents job to permanently fuck up their children’s outlook on sex, like your Grand mother did with me (twitch-twitch-blink-blink).
  2. Treating Healthcare Reform more importantly than the current “Bush inspired” economic crisis. And then, fucking THAT up. So much so, it WILL be repealed at most, or left with no funding at the very least.
  3. Taking the current crisis at the border as if it were just another political football. Uh, Mik, do you think that the fact that there is “a dry-sandy space” between Mexico and the US will deter the drug cartels from moving north? It will not. It is already happening, but you wouldn’t know it, living in the “rarified air” as you do. Oh yeah, I see them walking up to the border now, and being bounced off the ‘Mikko Force Field’, shaking their heads and returning to Mexico. Stop drinking while watching Star Wars re-runs, you are getting reality confused with fiction.
  4. Having the same disease as you do, that is thinking that “if the majority of Americans do not think exactly as I, they must all be wrong, and are too ignorant to see so.” Hey you bearded human beer sponge, do you even realize how ridiculous that sounds? Probably not.
  5. Watching the economies of Europe fold up like a Yugo in a wreck with a moose, all the while espousing their economies as the ‘way to go’. Weez aint blind Mikkie, weez jus’ stupid.
  6. Taking the exact opposite stance to the vast majority of Americans on EVERY important subject. See items 3 & 4.
  7. Because of all the above, American corporations are now sitting on three trillion dollars in their pockets, and not spending a dime, grinding any real recovery into the ground just like you did with your last three poorly maintained cars. Why? People now see the real costs of Crap & Trade, Obamacare, Repeal of the Tax Cuts, new Taxes and fees, the general cost of the interest on trillions of dineros in deficits and the general imbecile-like fascination with unions, as maybe a bad thing? His whole agenda is jobs killing. Just reviewing this shit, Winslow fired two more contributors and three more editors.

In closing Mikko, all the world is not Bush’s fault—a large portion, yes, but all, no. Realize the potential of another fuck up before it’stoo late.

Crank This.

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