R.U.S.H:  Reptilian Ultra Sapient Hybrids?

Are the members of the band Rush aliens? A week or two ago, a guy I work with gave me a copy of the Rush compilation CDs. As I was unlocking my car, my head started to thrash involuntarily, to and fro, as “Red Barchetta” burst from the speakers as he started his truck. I had always loved Rush and had sung ” Closer to the Heart ” with my beloved LHU Havoc “Free Beer & Peanuts” band. And though the only Rush album I had ever owned was ” Moving Pictures “, I knew every word to every song on that album as if it were downloaded directly into my brain via some alien transmission.

So, on my way home from work, I’m jamming out to my new CD with “Tom Sawyer ” and “Red Barchetta” —and then “Limelight” comes on. And, as I’m singing along, I suddenly realized how truly alien the lyrics are—like Geddy Lee is singing to his outer space brethren…

“Limelight” (Lime – green – like aliens)

Living on a lighted stage (on earth in sunlight)

Approaches the unreal (cuz we’re aliens)

For those who think and feel (humans)

In touch with some reality (earth)

Beyond the gilded cage (odd, scary faraway planet)

Cast in this unlikely role (human)

Ill-equipped to act (cuz we’re aliens)

With insufficient tact (cuz we’re aliens)

One must put up barriers (energy shields?)

To keep oneself intact (cuz we’re aliens)


Living in the limelight

The universal dream

For those who wish to seem

Those who wish to be

Must put aside the alienation( Alien Nation has just been redone on the sci-fi channel. Coincidence? I don’t think so)

Get on with the fascination (Spock used to say “fascinating” all the time)

The real relation (between humans and aliens)

The underlying theme (that we’re aliens)

Living in a fish eye lens (interpretive note: I thought aliens were more lizard-like)

Caught in the camera eye

I have no heart to lie (definitely alien)

I can’t pretend a stranger (human)

Is a long-awaited friend (alien)

All the world’s indeed a stage

And we are merely players ( Shakespeare was definitely an alien)

Performers and portrayers (acting human)

Each another’s audience

Outside the gilded cage (cuz we’re aliens)

What if Geddy Lee was an alien? I mean, between his nose and his chin, he doesn’t even have to use his hands to use the microphone. It just fits up in there…like it was designed for that function—like he was genetically engineered to be a rock and roll singer! The band’s drummer, Neil Pert is the dead give away; he drums just a little too fast to be human and why didn’t he die like all the rest of those rock-n-roll drummers? And Alex Lifeson —don’t get me started!

Seriously, the band Rush has already scoped out the planet and phoned home. So be prepared for a highly rhythmic, intricately melodic, and somewhat androgynous invasion. It’s just a matter of time.

Today’s Tom Sawyer

He gets high on you

And the space he invades

He gets by on you…

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