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ALIEN UPDATE: The Truth is Really Out There

ALIEN UPDATE: The Truth is Really Out There

Sorry for the delay in reporting alien impressions, but I have discovered much while working deep undercover.  No, I’m not reporting on Zano’s Viagra issues…this time.  This gets even stranger than that image, so stay with me here. Sure humans are swell.  On a universal scale, we can do a whole lot more than some other species around the cosmos (that’s even when taking into consideration Daily Discord contributors).

I need to do a little exposition here to bring you up to speed. I’m not sure what your “divine” belief system is, whether you believe in a God of any kind or not but most religions, across the board, will tell you that God is in everything and everyone and that is true (God even in exists within the Ghetto Shaman column, if you can believe that). But, for the record, God is NOT judgy, punishy guy sitting on a throne somewhere writing down a list of things you’ve done wrong. That’s Santa Claus and, sure, they’re friends and all, but they’re in no other way affiliated.

God IS unconditional love, and that’s it. A big huge ocean of sentient and aware unconditional love that is in love with you. No one person is the totality of the divine but each person contains their own spark of the divine that can be expanded to the extent that total awareness and God realization is remembered—and, if we keep expanding and illuminating, our very bodies can dissolve into this super high vibrational particular golden light (don’t insert another lousy acronym joke, guys, I’m trying to be serious here). So again, that divinity is in everyone—that spark of love and gratitude.  We can allow that part to expand and become the predominant experience of our lives… the thing that takes the wheel so to speak.

Our little human brand of God also includes the ability to create. So here’s where we get back to the alien stuff. You knew it was coming, right? Apparently, however, there are “good guy” aliens and “bad guy” aliens, just like there are “good guy” people and “bad guy” people (really there is no good or bad, it all just is—but that’s another post).

I truly believe many species of aliens have visited our planet throughout history and some are actually living among us (see any Crank feature). Many species who visit our beautiful little Earth have these little devices that can read other life forms’ energy fields. Often times, when aliens visit our world and their little gizmo shows them what our energy field contains—which senses our ability to create—some freak out and take a headlong run to the galactic hills…for their lives.  White man came across the sea, he brought us pain and…sorry, miles away.

Some of the bad guy aliens have figured out a way to deactivate that spectacular ability that we have to create so they aren’t so readily destroyed. What is there deactivation device, you ask? Fear. The more humankind stays in a state of fear, the less empowered they are, the less likely they are going to be “in the flow” and fully experiencing the creativity that flows through them and live a fully engaged life where fear, sadness, anger and such are recognized, honored, loved, accepted and integrated as much as the happy joy emotions so that they don’t build up inside; they become distorted and end up being what rules our experience. Yep, aliens love Karl Rove and those fear mongering Fox and Friends, who knows, maybe they’re even funding them!

There is nothing wrong with any of these emotions. It’s our denial of them that gets things all wacked out. They serve a purpose, and it’s a good one and there’s actually as much joy in those emotions as the joyful ones. It’s all about enjoying the illusion of separateness and without anger, sadness, shame, guilt, fear, envy, jealousy, etc., we couldn’t have this little party of the divine—a divine interacting with itself in any and every way it can think of and loving every minute of it.

So we’ve got the bad guy aliens scaring us into submission. Why are they doing this? Well, one brand of the aliens apparently evolved so much into their mind that they literally lost or greatly reduced their heart center and of course, without love, there’s nothing, because that’s all there is, and so they’re going extinct. So yes, there have been abductions and all kinds of attempts at inter-breeding so they could get their heart back, but of course, that didn’t work and then The X-Files was cancelled. So where are the good guy aliens? I’m glad you asked!

Right now, astronomically, our beloved Earth is moving into alignment with the center of our galaxy. As we have been getting closer, an energetically noticeable shift began long, about 1988. It has continued to intensify since and will continue to do so, exponentially, as we move into direct alignment long about 12/2012. Then the Earth will take its time moving away again and the intensity will diminish until things “even out” about 2035. From what I understand, there is a butt load of pretty awesome, divine energy that emanates from the center of our galaxy. So as we line up with it, higher vibrations are showering our Earth, essentially rooting out all of the denser, lower vibrational energies. (love/gratitude=highest vibrational emotions, fear/sadness=lowest vibrational emotions [anger is simply empowered sadness].) So that’s why we see the all of the revolution taking place on smaller and larger scales, why one minute we’re flying high and the next minute we’re totally freaking out and have no idea why. This is the result of the higher vibrational energies working their way into the densest places and allowing what’s there to be finally expressed and dissolved. The Earth is doing the same thing. She’s been beat up on for so long now and it has hurt her in every way. So now she too is releasing wha

Sooooo, good guy aliens. Since Earth is already moving into alignment with the highest influx of cosmic, divine energy that it’s experienced in tens of thousands of years, and since, for some reason, the evolution of our planet seems to be pretty important inter-galactically lots and lots of good guy aliens, along with angels, light beings, etc., are working on our behalf to help us take this much-needed leap forward in our evolution as a species. That’s why more and more people are seeing triangles, spirals and such over different cities around the world, governments are releasing their formally top secret alien information, and there has been talk that the UN is considering appointing a First Contact Person for Earth-Alien Relations. John Bolton? The trick, however, is we must be a part of it. Our evolution out of a lower vibrational experience, ruled by hatred, violence, fear, sadness, anger, guilt, envy, shame and the illusion of separation into a higher vibrational experience of love, gratitude, joy, bliss, creativity, inspiration, celebration and oneness— is happening through us, not to us. We must consciously make the choice when we find ourselves in stressful and upsetting situations to take a moment and look inside and discover why we’re upset in order to facilitate our highest expression possible and to prevent more pain and suffering that will eventually need to be dissolved and integrated.

When someone upsets us, it really has nothing to do with them, even if they say the most awful or inappropriate thing (see any Discord article). When someone says something critical of us about something we have confidence in then we don’t really care. It’s when someone says something about what we’re insecure about or that we have a sensitivity to…that’s when we get defensive or hurt—like when Zano first gave me feedback on this post, the rotten backstabbing…breathe.

They are not really hurting you, they are merely giving you the gift of awareness—awareness that there is something unresolved within you. They are not giving you pain, they are giving you a pointer to where you already have lots of pain stored up and a heads up that it needs your attention. So go into the pain that’s triggered, fully experience it, let the mind assist only to the degree that it helps you to figure out why you feel how you feel by asking questions like, “When did I feel this before?”, ” What does this remind me of?”, “Why am I thinking of my Dad all of a sudden?” It’s not even important sometimes to know why you feel bad. It’s through fully experiencing the feeling that the truth can be discovered. It’s by fully allowing the pain of that past experience to be fully expressed, through crying, shouting at an empty chair where you imagine the source of your pain to be sitting, journaling, expressing the emotion through our creative outlets, our artistic expressions, that it can finally dissolve and stop being our ruling experience. We are all made of joy–joy of God, joy of that divine essence which, again, is only unconditional love and gratitude. For most of us, it’s just got a lot of shit piled on top of it that needs to be accepted, experienced, loved for exactly what it is and then integrated.

So that’s your alien Update –along with your human evolution update. So if the news starts sharing breaking stories of alien contact, rest assured it shall not be of the “V” or “Battle LA” variety, it will be more like the “Whassup? We’re here to help fo’ real, yo” variety. Aaaannd now you know how we get to help ourselves and the Earth.  The good guy aliens, angels, light beings and the divine move us into the highest expression of ourselves and finally have nothing but a good time all the time! It can be done. It is happening now. It starts within each and every one of us. Connect with your divine and receive all the love you can. Fill up and let it spill out into all of the people around you and you will be a part of making this world a better place! Thank you!! …and I love you! ♥

Oh, and you might want to start this little project by limiting the time you spend reading the Daily Discord.  Kidding!  Well, sort of…

R.U.S.H:  Reptilian Ultra Sapient Hybrids?

Are the members of the band Rush aliens? A week or two ago, a guy I work with gave me a copy of the Rush compilation CDs. As I was unlocking my car, my head started to thrash involuntarily, to and fro, as “Red Barchetta” burst from the speakers as he started his truck. I had always loved Rush and had sung ” Closer to the Heart ” with my beloved LHU Havoc “Free Beer & Peanuts” band. And though the only Rush album I had ever owned was ” Moving Pictures “, I knew every word to every song on that album as if it were downloaded directly into my brain via some alien transmission.

So, on my way home from work, I’m jamming out to my new CD with “Tom Sawyer ” and “Red Barchetta” —and then “Limelight” comes on. And, as I’m singing along, I suddenly realized how truly alien the lyrics are—like Geddy Lee is singing to his outer space brethren…

“Limelight” (Lime – green – like aliens)

Living on a lighted stage (on earth in sunlight)

Approaches the unreal (cuz we’re aliens)

For those who think and feel (humans)

In touch with some reality (earth)

Beyond the gilded cage (odd, scary faraway planet)

Cast in this unlikely role (human)

Ill-equipped to act (cuz we’re aliens)

With insufficient tact (cuz we’re aliens)

One must put up barriers (energy shields?)

To keep oneself intact (cuz we’re aliens)


Living in the limelight

The universal dream

For those who wish to seem

Those who wish to be

Must put aside the alienation( Alien Nation has just been redone on the sci-fi channel. Coincidence? I don’t think so)

Get on with the fascination (Spock used to say “fascinating” all the time)

The real relation (between humans and aliens)

The underlying theme (that we’re aliens)

Living in a fish eye lens (interpretive note: I thought aliens were more lizard-like)

Caught in the camera eye

I have no heart to lie (definitely alien)

I can’t pretend a stranger (human)

Is a long-awaited friend (alien)

All the world’s indeed a stage

And we are merely players ( Shakespeare was definitely an alien)

Performers and portrayers (acting human)

Each another’s audience

Outside the gilded cage (cuz we’re aliens)

What if Geddy Lee was an alien? I mean, between his nose and his chin, he doesn’t even have to use his hands to use the microphone. It just fits up in there…like it was designed for that function—like he was genetically engineered to be a rock and roll singer! The band’s drummer, Neil Pert is the dead give away; he drums just a little too fast to be human and why didn’t he die like all the rest of those rock-n-roll drummers? And Alex Lifeson —don’t get me started!

Seriously, the band Rush has already scoped out the planet and phoned home. So be prepared for a highly rhythmic, intricately melodic, and somewhat androgynous invasion. It’s just a matter of time.

Today’s Tom Sawyer

He gets high on you

And the space he invades

He gets by on you…

One Flew Safely from the Cuckoo’s Nest

Having been a former Arizona resident myself, I can relate. Of my two Sedonian roommates, one was actually a Shaman with a slightly altered sense of right and wrong. If it served her, it was right, otherwise it was wrong. The other was a self-professed meth and sex addicted, Puerto Rican raised, Pakistani who would not leave the house on his three-wheeled basket adorned bike without his aluminum foil lined baseball cap (and rarely took it off).  The Shaman could eerily comment out loud what you were thinking the terrorist wannabe diligently worked on his fiery end-times manifesto, all the time confident in his role in facilitating the aforementioned end-times in the name of God.  Isn’t that a U2 song?

And you wonder why I came back home so soon, Zano?!

My roommates, along with the Shaman’s friends, regaled me with stories of the reptilians that lived in Cornville, just outside of Sedona.  These strange visitors are apparently into aggressive doggy-style sex with humans (or is it lizard-style?).  Meanwhile, the greys of X-Files fame, because you know there are just so many different species, had somehow evolved so much out of their heart center that they were no longer able to ascend (an evolutionary leap into a higher vibrating reality/walking into heaven kind of thing).  And, since Earth’s mankind is on the brink of this ascension, they had to mix with humans to assure the survival of their species, hence the abductions, testing, missing babies from pregnant ladies, the cattle mutilation, crop circles, and late night talk show hosts.  Don’t believe me? Take a real close look at Conan O’Brien some time.

And ascend we must for if we don’t that other race of aliens, you know, the ones that really control our world, control the Illuminati, the Masons and, most importantly, the Shit Goblins, will win, keeping humankind, the greys and the combinations thereof in this reincarnative treadmill, working through all their karma for them so they can stay comfy in their happy, happy, joy, joy ascension place.  Yes, apparently elitism exists even in outer space.

And back here on Earth, don’t forget about the chem trails (not the ones leading to and from my meth freak roommate’s door).  Chem trails are where the government grids the airspace above small towns with some sort of chemical spray so the physical reactions to the chemical by the humans below can be easily tracked by the one hospital in town, or the destruction of “seeds of life” plants.  Think about it, were THAT many people really THAT annoyed with the amount of seeds in oranges, watermelons and such that we just HAD to look for a seedless alternative?  And many of the seeds that are still around produce only one crop of fruit or none at all, so now we can’t plant our own food and sustain ourselves?  Are you shitgoblining me?   I’m ready to join you at that pub right about now, Mick.

It’s hard to wade through the piles of paranoia, but here’s what I do know: with regards to sustaining ourselves in the potentially soup kitchen ridden, canned food stocked bunker future, it’s best to take more interest in locally produced foods and products.  Not only does it help the local economy, but you get on a first name basis with the people who already know how and have the means to sustain themselves and are in a position to trade with those who need sustaining in case everything does hit the aluminum baseball cap. Eating locally raised foods is also healthier for you, thereby boosting your immune system providing more protection against chem trails, lizard people, and Shit Goblins.

Other New Agey concepts in an organic nutshell: with regards to ascension, you can refer to your local quantum physicists for guidance.  Fear, anger, etc. are lower vibrating emotions and laughter, joy, and love are the highest vibrating emotions.  The more you spend time in the higher vibrating emotion realms, the more your consciousness gets used to being there and adapts, making the other, all too popular emotions, less comfortable states.  Second, you create your own reality.  Essentially, what you focus on is going to eventually manifest in your life, especially if there is a strong emotional charge and action behind it, good or bad.  And third, anything that pisses you off about someone else is really a reflection of what pisses you off about yourself.  Hard pill to swallow, I know, but if you spend some time with it, you might find yourself having to swallow a lot less pills. 

In summary, there’s enough paranoid, fear-mongering conspiratorial do dah out there get even the Shit Goblins stocking up on aluminum foil but at least there’s hope.  You can always Put on Your Boots and relax under the Joshua Tree on a day when the skies are clear (or some other U2 reference to tie it all together.­)