Obama Just Needs a 9/11 Moment to Unite Country Behind His Agenda

Rick Right Pernick

I am no conspiracy theorist; I look at the facts and draw conclusions based on the information before me—kind of the anti-CrankZano, if you will.  That being said, recent facts are leading me to believe the Obama administration actions are creating opportunities for our enemies to attack.  But, more to the point, are future attacks actually being engineered by the White House? While Homeland Security (DHS) focuses on right-wing extremists as potential terrorists—you know, the ones who oppose abortion, gun control, high taxes, and liberalism in general—al-Qaeda linked Islamic extremists continue to plot against us.  Why would Obama’s DHS focus on freedom-loving people like me when al-Qaeda has attempted 28 terrorist attacks against the US since 9/11?  I mean, I’ve only attempted 27 in my whole life.  I’m kidding, of course.  The real number is much lower than that.

Many on the left were green with envy that 9/11 occurred on President Bush’s watch.  The liberals saw the country united in a way not seen since WWII, and there were those who said, “Why couldn’t this happen when a democrat was in office?”  They were less concerned about the attack on US soil that killed over three-thousand people than the personal and political implications of such an event.  Kind of like Dave Atsals’ Ground Zero Dogs, which did little to boost the morale or lower Manhattan (though they were arguably effective as colon cleansers).

Now we have Barack Obama in the Oval Office (BOOO!).  How’s that for a lousy acronym joke, Zano?  The Dems hold super-majorities in both houses of congress.  They have the power within their caucus to do their own bidding on the American people, but they are facing opposition within their own party as to how far to socialize this country.  Those on the extreme left, led by the Libranos, want nothing less than to destroy freedom and liberty in this country.  That’s my job!

Sorry, folks, socialism cannot work in a free society.  Then you have the so-called centrist democrats like Nelson, Lincoln, and Landrieu (festival, festival) who will sacrifice freedom and liberty for a price.  If the bribe is good enough, they will capitulate. And, as Obama rides the world-wide apology tour bus, he and his administration changed the military’s rules for engagement to a law-enforcement approach; he has conferred constitutional protections to those who would destroy our country—a country founded on the Constitution.  He would reduce the number of border patrol agents and tie their hands by allowing greater illegal access to the United States from Mexico.  This, despite the fact the DHS has shown al-Qaeda operatives have entered the US through this same border.  His TSA would post online, for all to see, the security manual outlining airport-screening procedures.  He would slash the budget for the Air Marshall agency of the DHS funding, forcing a reduction of air marshals by 60% from Amsterdam and Frankfurt, Germany.  Is it a coincidence Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a 23-year-old Nigerian, boarded Northwest Airlines Flight 253 in Amsterdam?  Is it a coincidence this is where the Ghetto Shaman gets his hash?  I don’t think so.

U.S. government officials acknowledged Abdulmutallab came to the attention of U.S. intelligence in November when his father went to the U.S. embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, to express his concerns about his son’s connection to al-Qaeda, Yemen, and at least one explosive Jerry Springer episode.

This terrorist tried to blow up a jetliner over Detroit on Christmas Day while he was on a terror watch list; he still had a visa to the United States and was allowed to board the flight.  The Obama administration ignored the warnings.  U.S. intelligence agencies under Obama’s control were aware long ago that Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan was in contact with al-Qaeda, but failed to respond prior to Hasan killing more than thirty soldiers at Fort Hood.  It is inexcusable, like most Ghetto Shaman columns.

Obama and his administration are either operating on a level of incompetence never seen before (no easy trick), or this is a carefully orchestrated attempt to unite the country behind Obama in the aftermath of the next terrorist attack.  You decide…

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