The Long And Sordid History Of Democrats And Immigration Reform

You’re right about one thing, Zano, the immigration issue is far more involved, philosophically and historically, than our political pundits or parties tend to comment. Traditionally it was assumed and required that all legal immigrants would assimilate into our nation by truly identifying as Americans while leaving behind the racial and ethnic past. Through the assimilation of our language, traditions, laws, customs, and culture, the Irish Americans freely chose to become an American of Irish descent. That’s the difference with today’s approach to immigration, and thereby the problem.

Since the mid-60s, the ideology of multiculturalism has discouraged the Americanization of legal immigrants, while encouraging newcomers to our nation to cling to their past ethnic heritage as their primary social identifier. Multiculturalism encourages these ethnic factions to protest against the process of Americanism as a privileged and racist class to be fought and overthrown.

The 14th Amendment: The 14th Amendment was authored and passed for the purpose of granting citizens’ rights to children, whose parents were enslaved by the Democrats. The Democrats fought against the 14th Amendment–it passed without one Democratic vote. When examined honestly, it becomes obvious that the authors of the 14th Amendment would be appalled to learn that the Democrats were interpreting this Amendment to encourage people to break the law in order to come here by rewarding the lawbreaker’s children with citizenship. Why do the Democrats interpret the 14th Amendment in this manner? To exploit the issue of race and to gain voters.

History of the Democrats And Race:                                                                                                        

Phase 1: Democrats supported slavery.

Phase 2: Democrats supported White Supremacy.

Phase 3: Democrats promote local ethnic political machines.

Phase 4: Democrats use money from the public treasury to pay for special privileges in exchange for the votes of ethnic minorities.

California was a strong Republican State prior to 1986 and the Political reality of immigration since “comprehensive immigration reform” is more concerning. Post 1986 a pathway to citizenship was granted with only lip service offered to future border security. Now it would be impossible for even Ronald Reagan to win California, the most debt-ridden state, with the highest level of poverty and homelessness.



Mick Zano’s Response:

I usually do a separate rebuttal for a post like this, but sometimes it just feeds into the alternate universe that is the Grand Old Party. Oh, speaking of which, funny how the caravan is a non-issue again a week after the midterms. Strange, huh? It’s really tough to pick out anything relevant in this post of yours. Last year Forbes had California ranked third best economy in the country (other side of worst). For states that depend more fully on federal handouts look no further than those squarer versions. And do you really think that Trump supporters were the progressive thinkers around the time of the civil war? You know as well as I that our political party platforms inexplicably switched in the 1860s, but the song–and the level of consciousness–remains the same. Ask yourself this simple question: is it more likely that 150 years ago Trump’s supporters were risking life and limb to create and support the underground railroad, or were they the ones cutting some eye holes into some sheets? Hmmm.

And here’s my response to your historical phases of Democratic immigration missteps (DIM):

Phase 1: Put the glue bottle down.

Phase 2: Place the cap back on the top and tighten.

Phase 3: Sit down carefully. You’ve huffed & could fall down and bang your head (& not in a cool death-metal kind of way).

Phase 4: Stop doing that. If you keep huffing you could become a member of Trump’s cabinet.


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