A Review Of Zano’s Review Of Wilber’s “Trump And A Post-Truth World”

Someone needs to put Zano back in his place and that someone is me! He’s starting to get a little too smug in his old age and sometimes he needs reminded he’s not a Jedi yet. This is a rebuttal of sorts to his feature: A Review Of Ken Wilber’s ‘Trump And A Post-Truth World’: Or, How I Stopped Evolving And Learned To Love The Trump. First off, Wilber is correct in his assessment of the problem. Post-modernism has promoted an individualistic pluralism that assumes that all values are self-constructed and relative; therefore the only true value is tolerance. But there is no way to come to a consensus on any given disputed moral issue. Every individual is free to do whatever they want so long as they stay clear of the legal restraints. The problem? A nation without virtue, rots from within. Also, a blog without merit sews only Discord. Snap. For a crash course in virtue-rot I refer to Exhibit A: Mick Zano’s undergraduate studies. Kidding, Zano (sort of).

Wilber is incorrect in addressing the cause of the problem. He assumes that a post-modern pluralistic consciousness is an evolutionary stage with an accompanying shadow-side of relativistic nihilism. Wilber claims that the consciousness of Theism is marked by a magical thinking level of consciousness which envisions God as being transcendent and separate from the created universe. He, along with his transpersonal minions, believe that evolution involves an increasing recognition of God as equal to creation.
The ultimate realization thus becomes:

We all equal the one consciousness that is God.

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