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Trump Threatening To Pull Japan’s Defense: “Except During A Godzilla Thing”

hqdefaultNew York, NY—Donald J. Trump is once again defending his controversial comments today. During an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, Mr. Trump attempted to defend his earlier comments regarding the U.S.’s ongoing defense of our NATO allies. “Take Japan,” said Trump. “I used to be in the protection racquet and you pay for that. Everyone pays for that. Back in school you were protected in exchange for your lunch money, but for a whole country the price goes up. I admit we should help in the case of a Godzilla thing. That’s more of a humanitarian crisis. We do have to ask ourselves, though, why does Godzilla only attack Tokyo? It’s their capital. That overgrown GEICO spokesperson is trying to tell us something. What did the Japanese do to piss him off? Godzilla is not going to take any crap. There’s no crap with Godzilla, which is why there’s a place for him in my cabinet. It’s a big cabinet, gold-plated too. Maybe Japan needs to be a little more like Godzilla and a little less like those other monsters always getting their asses kicked. Japan is the loser monster and rules are rules. And the rules are the loser monster has to give me their lunch money.”