I’m Not Joining the Discord, Zano, so Kindly Fuck Off!

Dan Sutton

My thought for today is this:

It’s a message to some of my Facebook friends, particularly those whose posts are various self-identified Republicans…all of whom have exactly the same opinion…their party’s opinion…

Indeed, these social site wizards all have the identical position on:

God, immigration, climate change, the economy, the death penalty, the healthcare system, the education system, home ownership, taxation, big business, the legal system, NASA, the military, Iraq, Iran, 9/11, Islam, Israel, ethnic minorities, homosexuality, drugs, political campaign funding, gun laws, alternative energy, social programs, welfare, abortion and marriage.

There are simply no different positions among them and we’re talking about nearly half of the United States of fucking America. The incongruity of this can be emphasized by noting that most of the positions they take are based upon logic so twisted and faulty as to be indefensible. 

This is not dissimilar to anyone who would submit an article to the Daily Discord for publication, which this is certainly is not. Meanwhile, observing these ongoing posts in Facebook-land, I’ve formed the following conclusion:

Republicans have no opinion or individualism at all—they appear to be so in need of belonging to something that they’ve abrogated any self-awareness they might ever have had—and have instead reduced themselves to reiterating the same crap over and over again, becoming indistinguishable from one another: effectively, they’ve turned into spambots, complete caricatures of one another.

I suggest, therefore, that they create a Facebook page on which they get together and post all this nonsense, so that the rest of us can unfollow it. Foxbook? Pindisinterest?  I’m not a huge liberal fan either, but at least occasionally there’s some glimmer of insight from those Prius driving, do-gooders.

Take for instance, the republican argument on anthropogenic climate change. It’s not dissimilar to the religious right’s “pro life” stance, implying that those supporting the right to have abortions is “pro death”. I think you’ll find that most non-republicans, when talking about climate change, will say that there are many factors contributing to it, not all of which are understood, and that it’s entirely possible, or even probable, that it’s anthropogenic.  Oh, and don’t link to that article where you say something similar to this Zano! Don’t do it!

Zano Climate Change link here.

He did it, didn’t he? BASTARD!

But to sit there and deny that man might be influencing climate change, beyond all reason, because it suits a political agenda if it isn’t, is just so pathetically idiotic…

Frankly, neither “side” is capable of realizing that reality doesn’t care what they believe: it does what it does without giving a fuck about the Republicans or the Democrats… but the idea of solving any given problem, purely on its own merits, without recourse to mind-numbing dogma has apparently eluded them all.

And don’t post one of your cartoons at the end of this either.

Where Climate Change Is Likely to Hit the Hardest
Where Climate Change is likely to Hit the Hardest, Even the GOP's frontal lobes are toast, people. It's that pervasive.
Even the GOP’s frontal lobes are toast, people. It’s that pervasive.

He did it again, didn’t he?

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