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I just love med changes. It’s like “let’s see what parts of my body and/or mind THESE little fuckers will decide to play with next.” It’s always a hoot. Well, as I sat home recovering from my latest foray into the netherworld of psychotropic medication (NPM), I decided to watch CSPAN for a while, never having done so. I have heard that there are two things you never want to watch being made, laws and sausage. In my past life, in the retail food industry, I saw sausages and frankfurters being made many times. Now, having seen how laws are made, I prefer the sausage thing. While it is definitely NOT for the easy queasy, it is quite interesting. Various parts of “formerly living things” (the parts you won’t see brightly packaged at you local Safeway Meat Dept.) processed into beige goo, inserted into intestines of other “formerly living things”, like libertards, and cooked, salted, and food-colored into something that looks good on a bun. Now there’s something to watch between games on Sunday. Seeing laws made, on the other hand, not so much.

I have seen two basic series of events. For the first part, one party had the “goods” on another party’s guy, and wanted to discuss the guy’s problems on the “floor” of the House. The other party, having the majority, wanted to avert any discussions of the guy’s problems, and did so quickly by passing off the “problem” to the House Ethics Committee (A.K.A. the black hole of democracy). The whole thing took less than fifteen minutes…efficiency at its finest.

The second part involved the issue of awarding U.S. citizenship to a Polish person posthumously.  He was apparently heroic some eons ago during the Polish Mexican War or some such. For the rest of the afternoon, most of the members presented their very own hour long speech as to why this is truly the most Earth shaking legislation EVER. It was like a bad trip during Woodstock. I swear I heard the faint sounds of “don’t take the brown acid. It’s not good for you. Take the white acid only.” repeated over a loudspeaker in the background of my mind. I also heard “The white zone is for loading only; mind the gap”, and track two from my Iron Butterfly 8-track.  But, it could just be the new meds talking.

After enduring this for some time I reflected on the sheer amount of problematic individuals in both the Congress and the executive branches of our present government. But it did solve for me the mystery behind the disappearance of McCain’s campaign managers. They are now vetting for Obama and the congressional Dems.

You got the guy who is at the head of the House Ways and Means committee, you know, Mr. Way off on his own income taxes (two million dollars).  “Oops, sorry, ah he he he, forgot to carry the 1.” If you don’t like him, it’s because you are racist. 

You got the head of the House Banking Committee who got caught running a male brothel out of his Massachusetts townhouse. You know, the guy whose boyfriend was running the Fanny Mae back when they were asked to make subprime loans to poor people to get them into homeownership, even if it was temporary. The guy that almost single-handedly caused the recession. The guy with no teeth, ‘cause his boyfriend likes it that way. “I’m thucking wabbit dicks, huhuhuhuhu”.

You got the lady that got to be House Speaker. Wow, Pickins must have been Slim (sorry for that one). Doctor Sardonicus’ old lady.  Michael Jackson in a pants suit.  You know, the bitch from Libertard Prime.  Then you got the Senate Majority leader, whose own constituents hate him. It seems that what happens in Vegas goes to Washington and then fucks everything not in Vegas.

Then you got Czars. The FCC Diversity Czar, Mark Lloyd, is the guy who says the Fairness Doctrine doesn’t go far enough. He’s actually advocated forcing people to step down from their media posts so they can be replaced with minorities. An avowed Marxist, he wants to “overthrow the capitalist system” itself. Geeh, I bet he’d be a real hit at Constitutional Convention re-enactments.

You have the Regulatory Czar, who I believe oversees all fiber products, saying: “The absence of a European-style social welfare state is certainly connected with the widespread perception among the white majority that the relevant programs would disproportionately benefit African Americans (and more recently Hispanics).”  Who ever said fair ever had to be fair?  The Obama czar’s controversial comments were made in his 2004 book “The Second Bill of Rights”. In the book, he openly argues for bringing socialism to the U.S. and even lends support to communism (although, enough fiber can really help bring on a much-needed case of the Trotskys).

You got the Safe Schools Czar who is an admitted admirer of Henry Hay, the founder of NAMBLA, the National Man-Boy Love ASSociation. This guy actually wrote a forward in the book, while bending over: “The queering of elementary schools.”  This guy openly admits wanting to teach the benefits of homosexuality to elementary school students. No lie, folks.  Look it up, if you can still read. (Mommy, how do you spell sodomy?)

You have the Energy and Environment Czar who worked on the Socialist International’s Commission for a Sustainable World Society, which argues that the global community must work collectively to address environmental policies. They orchestrated private discussions between the White House and auto industry officials on vehicle fuel efficiency standards, while keeping their talks as quiet as possible.

Mary Nichols, the head of the California Air Resources Board, said, “We put nothing in writing, ever.”

There’s that transparency thing again.  And Obama hisself, the first Used Car Salesman ever elected to the White House.

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