Scientists Lied, Camels Died

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Ok Mikkey, here is another one of those generalities you hate so much. All your statements on “climate change” “global farting” “death warmed over” or whatever you choose, are wrong. All of them (Geeh, I so love doing that).

First, the earth hasn’t warmed in over ten years. Know why? I do J! China’s spewing of sulfur dioxide from burning coal, that’s why. A recent study indicates that so2 actually reflects sunlight in the atmosphere. Of course, it also causes acid rain. (Oops) Lets not stop them from doing what they’re doing, there is nothing in it for the “warmers”, let’s do something here, like then paying the scientists even more to now figure out how we (the US) can negate the effects of the rest of the world, while simultaneously going broke doing it.   Money

Second, it has been admitted by UN scientists that they repositioned most of the temperature sensors worldwide closer to centers of population, to skewer the results. They all make quite a lively hood of it all, hundreds of millions for the scientists and the likes of fat Al, with his jet and mega mansion, and G.E, with its already set up carbon credit Ponzi-sham money robbing system. Mo Money.

Third, let’s look at facts: we (the U.S.) have all but stopped so2 emissions , lowering them some 70% from 1980. We also have added hundreds of millions of cars and trucks to our roads from 1970’s numbers, yet we have not increased the amount of pollution directly from them one iota. How, by re-engineering the way the internal combustion engine works, and using wind tunnel testing for aerodynamics. The U.S. is a world leader in many areas of pollution control. Hell, even Canada and Mexico are producing more so2 than we are. That is exactly why more and more companies flee to Canada/Mexico (our own auto industry) and China/India for most of the worlds manufacturing. Less energy costs, less labor costs (no unions), less governmental incursions. Even Mo Money

Fourth, most of the CO2 that we expel into the atmosphere does not increase global temperatures one degree. It is diluted into the oceans, and then what is left is re-released into the lower atmosphere where it is all absorbed by plants. By regulating CO2 as a harmful gas, the E.P.A.(Evil Pay-me Administration) will only cost us billions, and help no one, no one but those evil Chinese Indians with emphysema. Want to really help? Go to the equatorial rainforests and stop them from clear cutting hundreds of hectares a day for uselessly farming the land (it does not farm well at all), or worse still, burning the trees to make coal for energy. Whole Shit-Loads O’ Money

Fifth. The United Nations whole environmental plan is not based on China and India doing anything. Look it up, sir. What t is all about the U.S. paying monies to so- called “third world countries” like, well, China and India, (surprise face now) to “help them clean up their act”. Fuck them. We did it on our own. The UN cares nothing about anything except the re-distribution of wealth, from our pockets to theirs.

It is all questionable at best, junk at worst. Just to show you how money related it all is, here if the best example I can find. In Australia, there is a company that requested it receive some form of “carbon credits” or the monetary equivalent, from their government, for killing Camels. Yes, those lovely, spit in your face, multi humped dromedaries. Evidently, Australia has a shit load (sorry) of camels, who knew? It wants to shoot them by helicopter. They are using actual studies by the so called climate scientists that show that in The Land Down Under, (where women swoon and men plunder), camels release too much methane, thus help cause global whatever. This is no shit, (pardon the poopy pun) it is real.

So, to close, dear Mik, cause not the US to fall further towards the event horizon of the black hole that is failure of the U.S economy by making us the only ones paying for all this shit. Move your ass to China or India and work on them for a while. Make them catch up to us, and then we can talk about further restrictions. Having us do something that is negated a thousand times by other countries, all the while costing us billions, and sending all of our manufacturing to China and India, is just plain gap-toofed stooped.

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