A 2010 Crank-Style Recap

The Crank

In 2010, the Libertard hoard provided an un-heavenly host of issues to crank upon: religion, socialism, political correctness, all of Mikko’s favorite topics. As the year comes to a close and the hoard has been overrun and ousted from at least one branch our government, thank God, the time has come to finalize some key points we should take away from 2010.

Muslims. I do blame all Muslims for the acts of a few. Why? Well, maybe because they fail to stand up to ‘the few’, or at the very least voice their repudiation of their atrocities. When the Catholic priests’ sex scandal was unearthed, the most vocal angry voices were those of other Catholics (and their Proctologists). When you ask Muslims to make a statement condemning a suicide bombing, you get CRICKETS.

In Europe (the big smiling-wrap-our-arms-around-everyone-like-good-little-progressive-lemmings assimilation experiment gone horribly wrong), they wanted not to assimilate into the countries they entered, they wanted those countries to bend to their ways, you know, I beat my wife, I kill my daughter, and the rest of those death to fun kind of hobby/interests.  Muslims are today’s Borg, just with ugly clothing instead of form fitting skin tight leathers and chrome headgear. You will be assimilated, not them. And, resistance is not just futile, it’s fucking deadly. It’s all in the “It’s Our Way Or The Highway” section of the Koran. Oh yeah, and their idea of music (the painful squeezing of balls while chanting over loudspeakers for the whole fucking city to hear) sucks a big wet one. Just once I want to sneak in to one of those Mosques and put AC/DC’s Hells Bells on full blast. Someone needs to fund this little project…ahm rollin thundah, ahm pourin rain, Ahm comin on like a hurricane…. They might leap ahead hundreds of years in their stunted evolution…or not.  But it would still be fun. 

Socialism: Epic Fail everywhere it has ever been tried. Can’t work. Evah (snap, head bob). Just look at Europe now. Not so nice. Young people everywhere protesting the fact they may actually have to work past 50, and pay their own way (whatta concept). The Nanny is dead (no, not her. I still want to do her. Nothing like waking up to the goose like cackle of Jewish women complaining, but I digress).

“I want my free shit in perpetuity, you find a way to fund it, or I’ll burn this city down!”  What socialism ended up being was: whole countries full of live-at-home teenagers who never left mom’s basement for their whole lives, and Mom and Dad moved out years ago without telling them. A word to liberal progressive bloggers and media: catch up with reality, or go away. And give the Universities back to Professors who want to TEACH, not brainwash. Zano is what happens in the latter case.

The Constitution:  Not dead yet, as Zano and his ilk (just what IS his ilk, anyway?) would have you believe.  It’s just hiding, afraid for its life. And rightly so. It just needs to be READ. Get to know it, like the funny uncle you always liked but were afraid to admit it to your parents. Then, get your Congress persons and Senate persons to read and understand it. And FIRE the ones who won’t, or don’t, or laugh at you for bringing it up!

P.C.  I’m fat, you’re an idiot. You’re (put your ethnicity here), I’m a fucking beige gorilla.

To quote the great Don Henley “a victim of this, a victim of that, your daddy’s too thin, your momma’s too fat, GET OVER IT, GET OVER IT!!”

It’s very important that we do not lose who we are. Diversity is truly wonderful, but it only really works if you’re diverse, not so much when you’re all fucking clones.

Happy friggin New Year


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