Donald Trump Is Al Frankenstein’s Monster

Mick Zano seems a tad defensive about Ken Wilber’s assertion that Left wing nuttiness built the “Post-Truth” environment we find ourselves in, a place where both The Daily Discord and Donald J Trump can thrive (full debate, here). I don’t blame the Trump Presidency completely on the Democrats, but there is a healthy slice of Trump humble pie progressives must ingest if we hope to advance into a new day, complete with fruitful dialogue between reasonable adults. Obviously, if there had been no two-term presidency of George W. Bush’s foreign and domestic blunders, there would be no President Barack Obama. Similarly, if the subsequent eight years had not occurred there’d be no President Trump.
If the Affordable Care Act would have saved the average American family 2400 dollars a year, we would not be having this conversation, period.
I disagreed with the Affordable Care Act on Constitutional issues, but if it had delivered to the American people what it promised, then we would have a Democratic President right now. But.It.Did.Not. I recall arguing with several different Obama Care enthusiasts saying that “such a massive governmental legislation will necessarily cost us citizens lots of money.”
“What part of ‘Affordable’ don’t you understand, Pokey? The economic experts have all assured us that the legislation will save citizens lots of Libcoins. (Results may vary.)”
—Johnny B. Progressive
The Administration’s experts were even brave enough to give us a figure 2,400 bucks per family, per year.  So either the Administration’s experts lied to the American people or else they learned their arithmetic at the mandatory government schooling. Uncommon Core?

If the government would have become more transparent to the people, and if individuals would have become more secure against federal government intrusion, I might have possibly been persuaded to vote for a Democratic candidate.

President Obama rightly pointed to the Bush administration’s increased unconstitutional intrusions and surveillance of the American people. But after he was elected, we learned that the Obama administration increased government intrusions through the NSA and the IRS, among others.

If the Arab Spring in Egypt and the overthrow of Libya would have brought about the Democratic paradises promised, maybe the Democrats could have made a case for themselves.

But no, the Egyptian revolution brought increased power to the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Libya uprising brought more power to ISIS and of course the Benghazi debacle. Isn’t this the same “Overthrow the Evil Dictator” policy that Barack Obama argued against in his protesting the Iraq War?

If there had been any meaningful cuts in spending in the federal budget, the Democrats would have at least a shred of credibility.

Remember the economic crisis of 2007-2008, where the federal government assured us that we needed to spend trillions of dollars to stimulate the economy? Okay, I accept that, but now it’s time to make some hard choices on federal spending. Nope, no cuts in spending, and by the way here is the most massive legislation in the history of our nation. Don’t think about it; just pass the bill right now so we can find out what’s in the bill.

If pressing the “Russian Reset Button” would have done more than to give Vladimir Putin a “chubby” along with 20% of America’s Uranium, then maybe…

I didn’t even yet address the cultural issues of moral relativism, nihilism, creating your own reality, learned victimization, and the deconstructing of national memorials. I will save these for my next article.


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Pokey McDooris

Pokey McDooris

Pokey is The Discord's chief theologian and philosopher. Pokey performs an important function here at The Discord, namely by annoying the living shit out of Zano, whenever he submits something. 

  2 comments for “Donald Trump Is Al Frankenstein’s Monster

  1. Ms. Kona007
    October 27, 2020 at 4:25 PM

    RAKE America Great Again! Yeah, Trump Frankenstein, after 4 years later, Merica Not Great! No Trump Health Care Plan. Donald portrayed as himself tho’ good Meme! After 210,000+ deaths downplaying the CoViD it’s a Trump HoaX! Loved his Photo Opp. at Walter Mead in the motorcade co$ing Americans Mil.$$ for his parade outside the hospital. Love his golfing at a tune of $131 Mil.$ billed to taxpayers along with his groveling for 80 grand to get bailed out of his “Leasehold” Golf Course in West Palm Beach so hoping Palm County denied his request.

    Planet Earth MaHaLo to Earth Justice vs. Trump for all of their Wins!

    Only those that HATE Planet Earth would Vote #45 the Planet Destroyer with 93 endangered species WIPED OUT with Trump’s Wall of Destruction with 100 Environmental Rules rolled back with the Pandemic Response Team gutted. Next, Trump NOT helping out Cali. with all of their wild fires who rejected sending $$ to increase firefighters who are trying to put out the raging wild fires. Trump even brought back Asbestos to kill my father 2x! Trump imports Ivory for his two oldest poachers for sons then Trump dodged the Draft 5x now a One Term, Bone Spur Pres. takes after his draft dodging German grandfather who illegally entered NY then left to start a brothel in Canada. Trump’s Exec. Order to kill mother bears with their cubs in dens during Winter must make you FEEL GOOD! Now Trump signed an Exec. Order to drill Alaska, Florida even the Arctic Refuge to destroy our planet.

    Love IvanKa getting Mil.$$ along with Jared with the Jewelry, her two older brothers with Nepotism so Vote BLUE to boot this Trump Criminal Enterprise out of the WH. Tell IvanKa to enlist with her three brothers the wife/daughter of DJT who’s nannies love her keiki & don’t even recognize their mummy dearest. Have Amy, IvanKa join Daddy BonKers to drink the Regeneron derived of aborted fetuses Kool-Aid until they’re higher than the Clouds.

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