You Show Me Your Birth Certificate If You Want to See Mine

The Librarian

When is the stupidity ever going to end? No, not the Daily Discord; they just renewed their hosting. I just can’t understand why anyone would continue to support the ignorance of way too many members of the Republican Party! I know that democracy is composed of many differing factions. I believed that responsible people could disagree on issues and resolve them. Oops, I said responsible people. Can you edit that part out?

I had come to the point of considering abandoning my beliefs or accepting that many Republicans are way too ignorant, self-serving, delusional, or a combination of all of the above, to be responsible.

Now I stand firmly on my belief in myself! On my most crazy and delusional day, I could never reach the level of idiocy of even the most off-the-track idiocy of the Republican Party during any given news cycle!

A while back, four Republicans in the New Hampshire State House supported a hearing requested by a group of “birthers” who want President Obama officially removed from the state’s primary ballot. Apparently, they believe that integrity, intelligence, ability to control one’s response to irrational and reactionary people making personal attacks, and the skills needed to maintain extraordinary international relations while managing a country in a clear state of deterioration, are un-American characteristics. I will admit, I don’t see people with President Obama’s skills very often, even in the halls of Congress and State Legislatures.

If that New Hampshire group wasn’t crazy enough, one group in Arizona has even demanded that the President “release the microfiche” of his birth certificate. I’m not even certain that microfiche would last 50 years. Where do these people come from? Under rocks? Out of the ooze? A Zano family reunion? Sorry. Of course, the conspiracy theorists are a fringe group teetering on the edge – hopefully of oblivion – but the fringe is becoming more dense. And what is wrong with the elected officials that they are pandering to the lunatic fringe? Actually, these people give the mentally ill a bad name. In the past, I worked in the psychiatric unit of a hospital. No one in our unit was even close to “lunatic fringe” crazy! Or that ignorant or nasty. This group is to politics what the Ghetto Shaman is to enlightenment.

It seems to me, that if these people are so concerned about President Obama’s birth certificate, an informed government and electorate should be even more concerned about theirs. There must be some reason this non-issue is such a major issue for them. My guess is that they don’t have birth certificates. Perhaps no one should be allowed to vote in any future election unless he or she can show the original notarized copy of her/his birth certificate. Or would that be government infringing on personal rights? WELL, WOULD IT, NUTS???

The Librarian

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