Those Libertarian Blues

There is one thing, well WAY more than just one, that annoys the hell out of me about our “faithful” and “allegiant” United States Government.   First off, I personally consider myself patriotic, as long as the government does the right thing and doesn’t tell me what to do.  They don’t know what’s best for me!  Why does the ever-so-powerful-&-liberating U.S. government think they can dictate my lifestyle?  Shouldn’t ordinary people be able to make our own decisions without organizations like the FCC, Child Protective Services, NAACP, ACLU and a host of other acronym-laden organizations (ALO) getting in the way?  Hell, we can’t even make our own decisions in the comfort of our own home anymore.  And it seems like every decision we do offends some dipshit organization or another.

Here’s a perfect example: the thirteen year old cancer patient in Minnesota who had to RUN FROM THE LAW because the LAW didn’t think it was right that the mother and child decided against potentially lifesaving treatment.  Um excuse me!  Since when is it OK for other people to tell me what is right and good for MY CHILD!?  The last time I checked the U.S. Constitution makes a rather big deal about separating church and state.  In fact, our forefathers weren’t happy until there was an ocean between the two. You all saw this recent abomination on the news.  This child’s religious beliefs are that no life saving measures need to be taken when there is a life threatening injury or illness.  The least we could do for a thirteen year old boy is to respect that.  But no; some asshole didn’t think it was right that the boy’s parents allowed this and obtained a court order to force him into treatment.  WHAT THE F—PEOPLE?!  Now the boy and his mother are on the run from the law only to return and face a media storm that now involves the ACLU and all kinds of children’s rights organizations claiming that the boy’s constitutional rights have been violated.  But get this, they are on the side of the law!

Grow a brain, folks!  This boy made a conscious decision, with the guidance of his mother to avoid treatment and enjoy what was left of his life.  Can’t we as “civilized human beings”, as we describe ourselves under mostly false pretense, just respect the decision and sympathize with the fact that maybe the chemo wouldn’t have worked and he may have lived the remainder of his life in illness and pain?  Can’t we as “civilized people” just get out of the way and respect people’s decisions?  I would be willing to bet that the jack hole that took it to court in the first place doesn’t even have kids.  If (s)he does, I would also bet that they haven’t been through this with their children and therefore have no idea just how hard it is without the interference of some selfish, disrespectful, potentially atheist “patriotic” dick head.  It’s just like someone who doesn’t have children thinking that a simple spank on the ass when a child screws up royally is child abuse and “CHILD ABUSE BREEDS CRIMINALS!”  Again I say grow a brain, folks!  Learn the difference between discipline and abuse and come talk to me about how to handle my child.  I was spanked as a child; most of us were.  I’ll bet that 98 percent of that ‘abusive’ generation didn’t grow up to be criminals.  Well, I did, but I’m a bad example.

For crying out loud, the U.S. Government has turned into a bunch of sissies.  This is why I am a Libertarian.  I want to make my own decisions.  Have you heard we’ve had over one hundred years of psychotherapy and the world’s getting worse?  If our behavioral health experts are so damned interested in ‘measurable outcomes’, how about looking at your own track record, libertards?!

Oh, and I should be able to smoke in a bar (most bar patrons are smokers).  BUT NO; the U.S. Government, in their infinite wisdom, caters to yet another group of sissies who can’t stand the smokers and, presto, there’s a law banning it.  How about this idea: GET OUT OF THE BARS IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE SMOKE OR QUIT COMPLAINING!  It should be up to the owner of that bar.  He bought the damn thing.  It’s his joint.  Don’t even get me started on joints!

Anyway, the point is:  government, get out of my life.  If I want to smoke and “waste my life away” let me.  Maybe I have a family history of cancer?  My father never smoked, yet he is dying of lung cancer.  My 80 year old grandmother, who died in 1996 of natural causes, smoked for 60+ years and was perfectly healthy when she went.  If I want to allow my child to decide against chemotherapy, let me.  If I want to smoke marijuana and veg out on the couch watching psychedelic movies, let me.  These, among others, are decisions ONLY I can make for myself.  Now, if you will excuse me it’s time to spank something, spark something, dose on something, and skip my damn chemo.

More rants to come…

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