Praising Arizona

Rick Right Pernick

Arizona Deserves Praise, not condemnation, for enforcement of immigration laws and border security.  Since the implementation of Arizona’s immigration law there has been a great deal of discussion in the media, political circles, and individuals (including Mickless Zano).  While an overwhelming percentage of legal citizens are praising the State for doing the fed’s job, the media and politicians are attacking the governor of Arizona with accusations of discrimination, civil rights violations, constitutional violations, and fashion violations.  Did you see her on Fox last week?  Geesh.

Surprisingly, many critics are coming from the right side of the political spectrum.  For whatever reason, some who consider themselves conservative fail to understand one of few actual federal government responsibilities is to protect America’s sovereignty from foreign invaders and, yes, I would classify illegal alien immigrants as such.

If the feds enforced laws currently on the books, Arizona wouldn’t have to write its own law.  It wouldn’t have to do what is ultimately the feds responsibility. 

When President Reagan signed comprehensive immigration reform in 1986, which included amnesty for three million illegal immigrants, he did so with the understanding that Congress would provide the resources to enforce provisions to seal the borders from invasion.  Congress failed to provide those resources and now we have at least twelve million, and by some estimates, up to thirty million more illegal alien immigrants within our borders (not to mention our Barnes and Nobles).  I only have three illegals working on my lawn, so don’t blame me.

Are we to believe Congress will live up to its responsibility now?  The laws are on the books, yet enforcement is an epic fail, like the Ghetto Shaman’s last barely legal Kundalini cruise.  Again I ask, what will a new comprehensive immigration reform bill accomplish that is not already written into current law?  And again I ask, why doesn’t the Ghetto Shaman ever invite me on those things?

In 2007, when Bush, McCain and Kennedy colluded to get another amnesty passed, the people of this country rose up and said SEAL THE BORDERS FIRST.  Three years have passed, nothing has changed.  In fact, the Silent War has worsened on the southern border.  Every day a mime gets trapped in one of those invisible boxes.  It’s sad.  Phoenix, Arizona is second only to Mexico City in the number of kidnappings IN THE WORLD.  More people in this country have died at the hands of illegal immigrants than in the War in Iraq.  Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of our legal citizens, have been the victim of a violent crime at the hands of illegal immigrants. (This is more than Discord contributors and girl scouts combined…er, but I wouldn’t combine them.)

And now Chuck-you Schumer and others in Washington and the media wants comprehensive reform (code word for amnesty) again?!  The message is the same as it was three years ago; SEAL THE BORDERS FIRST, ENFORCE CURRENT LAWS NOW, and GET BREWER TO A NICE KOHLS OR SOMETHING.  Great clothing for a great value.  Then states won’t have to take the law into their own hands.  Oh, and support your local Brewer.   A Kohl’s gift card is always a good gift idea.

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