Top 10 Reasons Trump Will Never Step Down


By September of 2018, Trump’s even more frantic and reckless as his allies are falling one by one to Mueller, or were fired, or fled of their own volition. The Republicans may well be sacrificing their party on the long term for their loyalty to this dangerous clown. Trump will likely destroy the GOP as more young people register to vote and join the resistance. Yet despite his ongoing attempts to destroy the country, the environment, and his political party, it looks like Trump would rather go down in flames than grab a golden tower parachute.

Top Ten Reasons Trump Will Never Step Down:


  1. Because each time he watches Fox News his rose-colored glasses stay at 20/20!


  1. He’s living every toddler’s dream, because every day in office he gets to break shit.  


  1. Why leave? No one is more bigly better than The Donald.


  1. Putin needs his big, orange snuggle-Trumpy.


  1. No one else is willing to work as hard to advance global warming, if it existed.


  1. Dysfunctionalism is a tough act to follow.


  1. He would never abandon his loyal employees, now if he could just figure out who they are.


  1. It’s hard for someone of his girth to step down off of anything.


  1. His new 34th Amendment abolishes term limits, and journalists, and millennials.


  1. If he can’t be indicted while in office, then why not hide in the Lincoln room and do his best Julian Assange impersonation?


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Alex Bone

Alex Bone

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