Dateline: Saturday May 21st 6:00PM: World Ends

The Crank

Oh how I do wish it had come true. After much deep contemplation I have come to this realization—a realization aided by many pulled pork samichiz, Twinkies and Cokes. It is hard work, but someone other than Mikko has to do it. He cannot be trusted. I used to think that people whose opinions differed from mine were smart, caring people whose opinions just differed from mine. Then I started reading Mick Zano columns.

Most liberal/progressives are just mean-spirited, egotistical, closed minded, ‘do-what-I-say-not-what-I-do’, ‘we know better than you for we are educated’, nice people. I’m sorry, I tried for years to see the world through rose colored cataracts, but it was for naught. For years I have been told by people whom I looked up to, that “my side” lied all the time, and cared not for anyone. Well, not so much. I have seen more lies coming from the far left than anything the equally idiotic ‘Rush/Beck’ has offered.  We now see YouTube ads put out by the DNC that show granny literally being ‘thrown over a cliff’ by an evil Republican. For people who either have not read Paul Ryan’s plan and assume it must be bad (it was written by a Repub, after all), or cannot read at all (might be the case). If you are an informed middle-of-the-road type, you will see that the end can’t come fast enough. Maybe I had better lose some weight, for if “The Rapture” is coming, I may not float all the way up, and end up seated next to Mikko, who The Lord must see as a nice guy gone horribly wrong, currently housed in the “well, I’ll figure out what to do with this asshole later” section.

Our ‘Divider-In-Chief’ has now produced an atmosphere of poison making that of Venus seem breathable. In a speech he called “a statement on Immigration” he immediately goes off on Repubs, making fun of real border issues, joking about something he knows is not true. I swear, as I watched the thing, I saw illegals dropping from the wall he was stationed in front of. I’m sure he isn’t going to get much ‘by partisan support’ for anything. It was a campaign speech. It’s what he does. He never really ‘led’ our country, he just wasted time ‘til he could campaign again.

You have whole states (Nevada) getting a waiver for Obamacare. Nevada, you know, where Senate Leader Harry (the crypt keeper) Reid is from? The guy who railroaded the bill through the Senate, yeah, HIS STATE. You have Obama issuing waivers to AARP! You know, the ones that lobbied heavily for its passage, yeah them. You have Nancy (Botox) Pelosi handing out waivers in her hometown like free candy to all her favorite hang outs, .20 percent of all waiver handed out in April—in the whole friggin country—were to high end businesses in her district. The district that now wants to make circumcision illegal. Yeah, THAT district.

You have the Federal Labor Board taking Boeing Aircraft to court for starting an assembly plant in a Right To Work state. They now want to tell businesses: it’s OK if you go to China, just don’t even think about non union in the good ‘ol USA.

I have my eyes closed and my palms raised to Heaven, awaiting the Second Coming.  Light as a feather, stiff as a board.  Light as a feather, stiff as a board…

It’s official, you now cannot question any of Obama’s ideas without the race card being pulled from the sleeve of defenseless Democrats. It’s actually racist to do such a thing, but I must be the only person ON EARTH to see it that way. Maybe if I start to jump up and down, I can hasten the ‘Rapture’ thing.

Let me put the Coke…maybe that will help.

You have a family in Missouri that sells pretty little bunnies to its friend and neighbors, facing a 4 MILLION DOLLAR FINE for selling more than $500.00 worth in one year without the necessary permits. Things are so bad, even The Donald had people actually interested in him as a Presidential candidate. You have a President of the United States throwing our only Mideast friend, Israel, under the wheels of ‘Cadillac One’ the Pres’s main ride.

The Democrats in Congress have yet to forward a budget—now two years late! The last official budget the Democrats brought up for ‘mark-up’ was in 2009.  Yeah, lets all vote for them again. Let’s see that fact in some of the DNC’s ads.

Maybe if I am on a plane, flying somewhere, when the Rapture happens it’ll hasten the process.  I will email Stephen Hawking on this…

You have what is being called The Arab Spring. The awakening of the Mideast to Democracy? No, not at all. It’s the Muslim Majority getting to power so they can kill Christians and Jews alike, without being “oppressed” by a “totalitarian regime” that has , up till recently in Egypt’s Mubarak’s case, kept Christians and Jews alive. Every time I read of a Middle Eastern Catholic Church invaded and many Christians killed, I wait for the Main Stream Media to rise up in horror at the story. I’m still waiting…but we can’t upset the Muslims. Even when the radicalized versions want us all dead. Yeah, them.

You have the American Republican favorite choice for President, wanting no part of running. You know it’s near the end when the light at the end of the tunnel, figuratively (and literally to New Yorkers), is in New Jersey!!

You have the Secret Service admitting to monitoring Fox News. You have the President actually pressuring media to be helpful in his re-election, leaving anti-Obama news media out in the cold at pressers. You have a friggin news man at CNN, Fareed Zakaria, admitting to advising Obama on his Foreign policy (scary) and still reading the news without telling watchers that he may have a hand in MAKING said news.

Finally, you have the First Lady, bad wig and all, telling me I can’t eat what I want. If I do, I may be heavily taxed in the future? Really? Where in the Constit…oh yeah, you don’t really care do ya?


 Right after you turn off the Ventilator.  Oh Lord, I think I see the light. Please take me from this land of heathens and idiots. I call to you to save me. What’s that? Oh, that wasn’t nothing, I was young and stupid. Wait, you can’t mean that one small, what? Ok many small, what? Ok many not so small…I’m not floating, is that a problem? Oh shit. Oh, hey Mik, long time no see……

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