Holy Crap, Mick: Spirogyra and the Integral Blowfish?

The Crank

I guess I’m one of the more basal forms of life, for I had to read your integral whatever-the-fuck-it-was three times to understand it.  You are always looking for the psychological reasoning behind all that happens here on this whirling pile of dirt and water dat we call oit (well, you call it Earth, where I come from it’s oit). You subscribe  to the Ken Wilber school of thought regarding eternal happenings. I, on the other hand, subscribe to the Keith Richards school of reasoning. “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED.

As you get older, which I really hope happens in your case, you will start to see that there just aren’t enough enlightened psychological reasons (EPRs) why some shit happens. It’s very Zen, but sometimes shit just happens. Wow, that’s some deep shit. 

Every day I am bombarded with severely mentally restricted people doing the most amazing things, while right next to them some brainiac is doing the stupidest frigging thing imaginable (like writing for the Discord). In both cases, the Richards principle holds true. The idiot who has a moment of clarity will benefit by it and possibly repeat it another day, and the brainiac will see his mistake and will hopefully reverse the flow of shit in time, never to repeat that mistake again. There are exceptions of course. Karl Rove comes to mind and so does Barack O’Bama. They can both be looking right at, but can’t seem to see, the tidal wave of fecal matter coming straight toward them (a political Poonami, if you will). They can miss the perfect shit storm, every time.  Ultra-liberals will pile money, in the form of a dam, hoping to stop the flow. They will soon realize they’ve exhausted the supply and get very brown indeed. Ultra-conservatives will create an ad campaign for “Natural Fertilizer”, and charge people to come and take some, “While supplies last!” fucking everyone in the process.  Doing a heck of job, Browny.

When the Saudis and that Al Qaeda guy got together in NYC and leveled those two mob constructed wonders of modern design (it was a wonder they stood up for as long as they did), we got exactly what we needed. Worf and Darth Vader all rolled up into one balding, overweight Vice President. There was no repeat for eight years. We all got what we needed at that point in time. Did it cost us freedoms? You betcha.  Should they have stopped before going into Iraq?  Si. But we are all alive. We got what we needed, not what we wanted. Now, let’s just assume that the major threat is over, which it most certainly is not. Is it time to move on and re-boot?  Absolutely.  We all need to get back to the things that made this country great (like half-priced naked body shots). We need to step back from the ‘protection at all cost’ mindset, but not TOO far back. OBama represents that one step beyond. He wants to move us so far from the Constitution that it would take help from the Hubble telescope just to read Hancock’s signature.

But, it is what we need now. A total re-boot. I just hope we can stop the pendulum before it goes too far in the other direction. That is where media comes in. The Media MUST be the festering boil on ALL Presidents’ asses. It is the only REAL system of checks and balances we peons can be sure of. When they stop doing their job, we are all in deep do-da. The only irritation OBama’s ass has is FOX News. The rest of the media doesn’t have time to irritate it, because they’re too busy kissing it. Until the media wakes up and starts to do their job, FOX will HAVE to do.

I can only hope that your wife is correct, and the spiral will never swing as low as the last time (she might have a point). Oh yeah, and Ron Paul is a jackass. You can not just walk away from the rest of the world; it doesn’t work that way. We countries need each other for commerce, as well as for the larger good guys to keep the bully kids away from our smaller friends. We need to interact for the benefit of all. And occasionally beat up Luxembourg for its lunch money.  You start walking away from decades old commitments, and the backlash will be very painful, like, Tom Delay’s dancing painful.

As far as higher and lower perspectives, we need both to survive, and we just saw why. Higher and lower perspectives exist on this earth, and always will. We will always need our very own “lower perspectives” to combat theirs. It’s just the way of things.

Oh, and Jimmy Carter is not anywhere near a higher perspective. He has been wrong all his life, and continues to this day his massive misuse of brain cells. Just look at his latest statement that is actually being repeated by many in the Liberal media. ALL PEOPLE WHO DISAGREE WITH O’BAMA ARE RACIST?   Please, just go and trip in a peanut field somewhere.

I ♥ dead dinosaurs

The Crank

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