The Death Book Resurrection by Messiah Obama

Rick Right Pernick

A couple weeks ago the Wall Street Journal published an article on Your Life, Your Choices and this was not directed at 15 year-old cheerleader with an enlarged stomach.  This 53 page booklet, first published during the Clinton Administration, was promoted, by The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as a source of information on how to develop a living will.   Bush’s White House was smart enough to realize the contents of the book advocated the perverse benefit of ending one’s own life and nixed the distribution of “The Death Book,” also known as the “Tibetan Book of the Discord.”

I read through this death book and was appalled by the content, not in a dissimilar manner to perusing this website. In virtually every example of disease or disability, the book is designed to project a feeling that perhaps it’s better to die than to live, saving your family and society from the burden of having to take care of you.  There is an exercise in the death book that asks “What makes your life worth living?”  There are four responses you can choose:

  • Life like this would be difficult but acceptable (and it’s illegal to kill the kids)
  • Life like this would be worth living, but just barely (and it’s illegal to kill the wife)
  • Life like this would be not worth living (unless I upgrade to a skinny chick)
  • Life like this would be…can’t answer now

The most positive outlook emphasizes the difficulty of life with the conditions described.  The death book focuses on the discomfort associated with life-sustaining care, and is life really worth living if you have to live in discomfort?  I am an individual with a disability (only part mental), I live in discomfort every day of my life (I write for the Daily Discord), but I’d rather be living than the alternative (say, a lengthy stay at the Ghetto Shaman’s Warrior Nursing Home Retreat). 

Another example deals with the pain one has from undergoing CPR if cardiac arrest occurs, describing the pain one experiences from chest compression and how a collapsed lung may occur for those who survive such compressions.  One is asked to contemplate if they prefer to experience this “pain”, or simply die and be comfortable.  They are encouraging whole factions of our fellow Americans to take the ‘societal big sleep,’ as it were.

Obama, democrats, and the culture of death and discord

As with most democrats, Obama surrounds himself with the culture of death.  He is pro-abortion, including the barbaric act of partial birth abortion, a horrific procedure where the newborn has exited the birth canal more than 50%, and then the baby is murdered, often after he or she has started crying.  (I apologize if the description of this procedure bothered anyone, but people need to understand that abortion does indeed destroy LIFE.)  Obama is pro-infanticide, as a State Senator he voted to prevent health care to babies who survived abortion procedures, allowing healthy babies to die from malnutrition or any other means since this PERSON wasn’t supposed to be permitted to live prior to exiting the womb.  I understand the flipside of this argument as it pertains to most of the Discord’s contributors (but these are the exceptions to the rule).

Now Obama advocates universal health care, but how universal is it?  HR3200 provides coverage to all women seeking abortion.  Since Obama is pro-infanticide, at what age before or after birth can one’s own child be terminated if the mother chooses to do so.  The government will pay to kill a life, but has no interest in providing the health care to sustain the baby’s life.

Obama and HR3200 provides mandatory “end-of-life” every five years for seniors or anyone else who suffers a potential life threatening disease or disorder.  Much of what’s in Obamacare for end of life “coverage” actually promotes death much like the death book.  In fact, While Sarah Palin is taking a beating for her open and honest assessment of Obamacare’s “death panels”, she is correct.  Government through Obama’s so-called stimulus bill provided the administration funding for such a panel to determine who should be provided “funding” based on their financial worth to society.  Obama has said it himself, and I quote “maybe instead of having surgery, it would be better to take a painkiller or see the Ghetto Shaman”.  What he is actually saying is “maybe instead of having LIFE-SUSTAINING surgery, it would be better to take a painkiller UNTIL YOU DIE.”  Everyone knows what Obama means, few other that Rush, Sarah, and I have the courage to communicate it.

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