Greece is the Word

The Crank

These days, Greece may also be the turd.  For those of you in a carbohydrate induced coma (CIC), or those of you too busy protesting for more free shit to notice, Europe is akin to a rather large canoe floating steadily down Shit River, with Victoria Falls in the near distance, without a paddle.

The leftists among us want US to be more like Europe?  Europe?  Free healthcare for all, full pay retirement at 53, 30+ days paid vacation, 32 hr work weeks…you know, let’s just hit a hash bar, Europe? We’ll just get the “rich” to pay for it all. Yeah, that’s it, that’s the ticket.  We’ll get that “Rich” fella to pay our way. Well, here’s an announcement for all you Euro-free-ists. Elvis has left the building, and Rich (whoever the fuck he is) has left the continent.  In fact, he took what money you missed with him. He is sitting under a palm tree on Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman Island, sipping a Cruzan & Coke, looking at the topless babe laying next to him and laughing at the lot of you.

Oh, no worries…we’ll just get Germany, France and England to bail us out. It worked for Wall Street and the auto companies, didn’t it? Add Spain, Portugal and Italy to the grand total. If you look over your shoulder in your canoe, you will see them right behind you, flailing away with their hands as the falls near. The Germans will just love bailing out stupid people, won’t they? They will own you. Why don’t we just see how big Germany can get? With all apologies to Herr Mikko, it didn’t turn out so good in the forties. 

Let’s see just what you did wrong. First, all of the above. Second, as Thatcher once said in a high pitched voice “you do eventually run out of other people’s money.”  This is what you want US to become? What happened in Greece is their Black Market economy became larger than their actual economy. No one was paying anything to the government, but all were receiving, and then some. It’s what happens to humans when you promise us everything. Once we get used to it, we want it all, and in perpetuity. It’s called “A Welfare State.” Clinton (the one with the penis; OK, the male one; OK, the one in the pants; OK, the one with hairy legs; OK, the one with testicular fortitude; OK, I give up…you figure it out) did the right thing in getting us as far away from that as possible, and now you want to go backwards? Those who didn’t learn anything by watching New York City in the seventies are destined to relive it.

Now you have Greeks protesting cuts in spending to keep from being the first modern country to file for bankruptcy. AKA: “We want our free shit, and we don’t care how you pay for it!”

Progressive policies can not work, for we are only human, and dis aint no Star Trek episode.  If it is, I get the green drink and the green chick. To paraphrase Popeye: we am what we am. Listen up, you progressive dorks, and burn this into what’s left of your brains: Socialism has never worked anywhere, and will never work. Communism/socialism = epic fail.

Please, now, Mr. Obama, we need you to do one thing for us. Go back to Shitcago and give the whole President thing up for a bad idea. Oh, and take your progressive Czars with you.

Crank This.

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