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So here we go. The newest video game is titled “Rich Assholes Battle Rich Assholes II.” Only it ain’t a game and WE, the sports minded public, are the ultimate losers. The economy is so far down ‘le crappeurre that even the Roto-Rooter guy has given up. We have a Pres that picks his experts like Bristol Palin picks boyfriends. We are now in THREE fucking wars, doing well enough in each to make Nam look like a swell idea. We are all doing more with less, which is why I now have a word count limit—or at least that’s what Winslow is telling me.

So what do the team owners and the players do? They hold a juvenile pissing match. And we, the public, are the recipients of said golden hosing. Are they THAT stupid that they think either side can garner public support? No, they aren’t, they just don’t give a shit. They all think that “it” will go on forever, like the Europeans thought about their way of life. And, like the Europeans, they have just run out of “other people’s money.”

Teams have become a thing of the past. Each new team member used to go in wanting to help the team win the championship. Now, they go in wanting to know how long they will have to wait to start their own reality show.  How do you justify a ten year contract on a player that will, at best, earn the money for three or four years? Stu-fucking-pidity, that’s how.  And, as for stupidity, the Discord staff is the authority in that area, I can assure you. 

No one can really afford a ticket anymore. Yeah, let’s go to a game we have to borrow $ to see, buy crap food we will pay exorbitant prices for, and wash it down with lousy beer.  Yeah, that’s the ticket. How about renaming it the 7th inning retch? The Yankees found out the hard way with the opening of the ‘New’ Yankee Stadium that you can put any price you want on a seat, but unless you want someone’s smelly food eatin/beer drinkin/fart layin ass in it, you had better make it affordable.

I will put it to them as clearly as possible, if there is or if there is not a football game on opening day, regardless, if the seat prices and TV rights have gone up like crazy, the game will never recover, period. This is a lose/lose sichiashun, here fellas. We The People have all had it up to our collective olfactory with the whole lot of you overpaid Prim donna Neanderthals. 

Here’s my own NFL Special Comment:

A notice to all team owners & players, hear ye, hear ye: you are all past triple overtime in your 15 minutes of fame. If the NFL fat lady isn’t singing, she’s pushing her way to the podium.  Christine Aguilera was channeling something when she announced before the last Super Bowl, “the twilight’s last reaming.”  Nicely put, girlfriend.  Don’t go away mad, just tuck yo tails ‘tween yo cheeks and settle this shit, or, well, GTFO…

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