Hey, Mikko, Stop Blowing Wind up My Ass

The Crank

I am hereby demanding the Palin misogyny stop. I know it’s OK to make fun of hot looking conservative women. Of course, this is complicated by the fact that most liberal progressive women look like The Oak Ridge Boys with titties, so I guess that’s why you do what you do, never getting to wax political with a hot babe. Also, it’s just not funny. Especially when you involve her harming her children, which is also OK for you, I guess. A real laugh riot, Mikko. It is exactly the type of reaction that is ringing the death knell for liberal politics. You all are doing it to yourselves. And I am standing on the sidelines with a Coke and some pasta, laughing my furry beige ass off.

Palin, unlike yourself, actually finished college and got a degree in only four years! Imagine that, not taking that year off for International Beer Studies. I didn’t realize they had a 5 ½ year degree in ‘Beer and the Internet’ till yours. She also beat out a long time ice encrusted Governor, a favorite of the people. Oh yeah, she also told the oil companies where they could go if they didn’t toe the line. Alaska is in a great financial position directly because of her not taking shit from the oil companies.

You know what is the funniest part of the latest in Palin bashing? The whole Revere ride thing. She is correct. Just read the book “The True Story of Paul Revere,” by Charles Gettemy. I bet you also thought that Revere actually said “The British are coming”. No one learns history in school anymore, the teachers today are way too busy teaching socialism, union policy, and anti American hate (see Tucson) to have any time for anything else. And the problem isn’t going away by throwing taxpayer dollars at it. Japan does a lot more with a lot less. Hell, schools in the sixties did a lot more with a lot less. The emphasis on math and science is being blamed because of No Child Left Stupid. Bullshit.  Look, in the sixties we learned all three, math science and U.S and World history. Alright four, all four things. Damn that higher math again. Today, when it comes to the school administrators’ compensation gravy train, it’s more like “No Bureaucrat Left Behind?”

No mainstream media outlet will admit to any of this, but it’s all OK. You see, you can make fun of Palin all day, it only fortifies our position, that you are either ignorant of history (which is possible, considering European pubs don’t teach all that much U.S. history), or you are all really scared diaperless of her, as you should be. You see, I don’t want her as President. I want her as Energy Secretary. But, the more you make fun of her, the more I want to see her as President, so your head will explode like that scanners dude. I told you Mik, paybacks are a bitch—even a Bitch one may want to bang like a screen door in a category five twister.  Sorry, that was sexist, omit that Winslow.

As for the deficit, a stronger economy is the only way to lessen it. New taxes have never worked. Ever.  When Ronald Regan first lowered the tax rates, federal income from taxes went up bigtime. The reason the deficit didn’t shrink was that the Democratic controlled Congress spent it as fast as it came in. Fact. After 911, Bush’s cuts ended a recession in months. If he hadn’t followed this up by spending money like a drunken Democrat, we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in now.  We are now 3+ years into this one. The more this idiot Obama tries to regulate by edict, the more frustrated businesses become, the less they hire. We don’t need any new laws, we need someone with the balls to enforce the ones we have. There were enough laws on hand during the beginning of the latest recession to stop it in its tracks. No one enforced them. Not Bawney or Chris, or the S.E.C. The only one doing his job at the time was Elliott (I ain’t no Weiner) Spitzer in New York as Attorney General.  He made the corporate and banking bigwigs do the perpwalk. He then fucked it all up, and the only one watching the store was now history.

As for the whole Bush thing Mikko, I read yesterday that everyone that gave $500k to Obama’s election (called bundlers) got big government positions. Officially, more in two years than Bush did in eight years, way more. This is the exact thing Obama rallied against in his campaign speeches. He is a liar and a fraud. Obama is the arrogant Butthead to Bush’s Beevis and is the worst person at the worst time for America. In today’s news it tells that his own counsel told him he needed Congressional approval for Libya, and he ignored him—just like he ignored his own bipartisan jobs council’s advice. In approving the DOJ to take Boeing to court over a union thing only proves that. Do they realize that if they were to actually win this lawsuit, the ramifications are mind boggling? All businesses that start up will never do so in a union state, they will become wastelands, and the ones already there will now move overseas. It could mean an end to our way of life altogether. I’m sorry, even Rosetta Stone couldn’t get me to speak Mandarin. You will see rice wine come out of the noses of the Chinese when I ask, “Where can I rent some vegetables?” (an inside joke with Mick).

Old Hotwheels himself, Steven Hawking, couldn’t find the amount of care Obama has for jobs. He is frozen by his ideology. Not having ever earned a real living in his life, he has nothing else to compare anything to. Kinda like you. Obama has recently stated that automation, like ATMs, is responsible for the high unemployment. The ATM union is not amused. ATMs across the country vow to strike. No more money vomited out, no money to spend. Doomed!

I want the government to do as little as possible, and improve the way it does what it should be doing, like enforcing the borders. It has been proven time and time again that the U.S government can’t run anything well. The U.S Post Office will indeed go bankrupt soon, as it should, and be privatized. This past week, FEMA sent a letter to a homeowner in Joplin, stating that his home, now without walls or roof or floor, is not damaged enough to warrant financial help. I do not want these people running a lemonade stand, much less my healthcare.

Oh yeah, the whole global warming thing, well a new study from NASA, as well as one from a British university, now show the Sun is entering a “quiet stage” as she has before, and the upper atmosphere is actually cooling. Nature don nid no steenkeeng badges, she do what she please. I guess if we are to keep warm, we should start to fart ourselves silly. According to the studies, if the Sun gets any quieter, a mini Ice Age may be in our future. And I was so looking forward to the accepted semi-nudity the whole Global Warming thing. Oh well, can’t have it all.

Well, time for some Twinkies and a float in the pool.



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