Zano You Ignorant Slut
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The Crank

Did your fambly have the flu? Yes. (Funny, they don’t look fluish J).  Free FAMBLA!  Did you sit in front of the TV for a couple of days? Probably. Did you watch Fox? I seriously doubt it. Were you “lit” drinking cheap wine from a beer mug and inhaling massive quantities of second hand smoke? Most definitely.  Your mind couldn’t take that much ‘anti-matter’ news in one sitting without blood trickling down your ears and your eyes glazing over as they rolled back into that cynical skull of yours. Remember the movie Scanners? Remember the scene where that guy’s head ‘splodes? That would have been you on 24hrs of Fox. Bullshit. Like Jack Nicholson said, “You can’t handle the truth.”  You were probably switching back to the Contraindicated News Network when you were left alone, like a 12 year old kid switching back to “Girls Gone Wild” when mommy leaves the room.

You always seem to go back to your narrow minded little comfort zone. You could turn the fucking annihilation of mankind by Bastachuts from the planet Sfinktor into a “blame it on Bush” diatribe that would last till the last light went out in your fuzzy little gourd.

In the immortal woids of one Donald Henley, “Get Over It.”

You see, I rate current administrations by four questions: Do I feel safe? Do I have any money?  Is it worth anything?  And, how many pills am I forced by my doctor to take each morning to stay alive?

With the Bushmaster/Darth Cheney I was: Yes-Yes-Yes-and 4

I am now: No – hardly any – my corpulent derriere – and 7

Now this might be a little simplistic….OK, it’s a LOT simplistic, but then again, so am I.

Fox LIES. I wish just one of you “smarter than thou” lefterners would give me an example. And no, I don’t mean shit like death panels.  I mean facts that they stated that proved false—not opinions, for there are enough idiot opinions to go around on both sides. If you do some fact checking, you will see that they don’t.

There is some scary shit in the Healthcare bill from Pelosula. Talk about lies, Obama said that if you like your health plan, you can keep it. That is a lie. The bill states that your plan will have 5 years to match the “government approved coverage,” or it will cease to exist. So even one’s “custom plan” is no more. It’s in there. That’s LESS choice, not more.

Can you imagine telling people that if they don’t purchase GOVERNMENT APPROVED healthcare, you will either pay a fine in the form of a 2% TAX, or, better yet, GO TO JAIL. This is totally unconstitutional!  But it’s in there. I don’t know ‘bout you hoomans, but beige Gorillas don’t last long in jail.  While you were  ‘watching Fox’ during Girls Gone Wild commercials, I was trying desperately to read the fucking thing—something I know you and your elected Demonocrats haven’t bothered to do.

If their Czars were so innocent, why pray tell do they keep on throwing them under the Obamabus?  And now, their Pay Czar says he is worried about losing qualified people to run these companies?


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