Earth To Mick: Can You Hear Me Now?

The Crank

OK, let’s break down your last bout of blogiarrhea.

First paragraph: Let’s start by bringing up the Bushmeister again, very novel.  Gee, it’s been six months already and we have to keep mentioning him to remind folks their beliefs are meaningless if they ever voted for W. That was 4 and 8 years ago. If this were the case, Micko, after your 6 year stint at a 4 year college you should remain perpetually mute. Oh yeah, then let’s quote Maher, the same guy who is looking at Vegas lounges now that Bush is no longer doing anything he can blame him for. Yes, the same Maher that just called all Americans stupid people in a recent interview.

Second paragraph: Again with Bush?  Just to remind all us Alzfuckingheimer patients, and let’s call all patriotic people dangerous slack-jawed unedumakated losers, so that the rest of us might feel justified in not giving a shit, or giving the wrong shit, as it were. That’s the same elitist bullshit I’ve heard before. Listen Omega Man, the notion that if you are conservative, religious and value all human life you can’t be taken seriously is flawed in every sense. If you really believe that, might I suggest that you take the next train to Switzerland with $10,000.00 and they will assist your suicide a-la Soylent Green.  Dr. Gevorkian, there’s a liberatard to see you.

You better watch your ass, Micko, there are Mormons out there that will outsmart you at every turn, and Mormons are nearly as dangerous as Scientologists, minus Tom Cruise and Xenu, Warrior Princess.

Third and fourth:

She’s just obviously petty, inarticulate, and her politics, what can be gleaned of them, are pathetic.”

Mick, you really haven’t actually read any of her stuff, have you?  You just take the same stance as the rest of your ilk for fear of retribution. It’s obvious to me now that libs fear their own resident bullies far more than they fear a tight-assed perky-boobied ex-Governors (TAPBeG). Oh yeah, bring up Fox too.  After all, today it was stated that in the last ratings period Fox News Channel was second in ALL CABLE NETWORKS.  Where not just talking about news networks, but in the entire U.S. You are staring down the barrel of a hunting rifle Mikkwad, and the more elitist your words, the more pressure is being put on the collective trigger.

Fourth thru seventh: Can’t argue much, except, rather than waiting until he leaves to do the right thing, maybe Obama should leave office now. He could do a lot of permanent damage before the end of his term. I do actually believe that most common folk (you know, dickwads) do travel down the middle of the road. Unfortunately that usually means they are driving atop the white line, and that can be disastrous.  Hear ye, hear ye.  Middle of the roaders don’t want to hear from elitist Dems, progressives, Bible thumpers, CEO’s, or Xenu Warrior Princess.

Can’t anybody just do the fucking job? You’re the mental health expert here, can a truly noble politician ever be found? I think not. That’s why we need forced political service. Everyone between eighteen and sixty-five has to put in one year representing their state in Washington, DC.  The government will pay their mortgage and car payments, as well as room and board for that whole year. That way we will truly have no one to blame but ourselves.  

I have spoken.  Make it so…


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