I Said I Wasn’t Going to Read Zano’s Post, But, Alas, I Did

The Crank

Mikko, I usually forgo reading your diatribes because, well, your diatribes are no longer funny. I don’t like being sad, and you make me sad. Sad is the opposite of funny. I’m sorry, but it’s true, ask anyone. Oh, that’s right…to ask someone you’d have to be on speaking terms with them. Sorry, I forgot the whole “Zano no longer exists in our world” pledge we all took here at the ‘cord.

I know from watching the Living Dead movies it must hurt to be dead. Does it hurt to be the vast minority? It’s really near the same thing, after all. One is dead, but it doesn’t seem to grasp the sichiashun. The other is, well, you get my point. I think Stone Keef has a better grasp of the fact his days are numbered than you do.

The “grass roots” Wall Street protesters are funded by their own “Koch Brothers” in the person of George Soros. You know, the guy that made billions by shorting the British Pound, and almost bankrupted a nation? Yeah him. The Tea Party actually thought  they could save the country, whether their ideas were right or wrong is immetesticle. The “Wall Streeters” are the polar opposites, working for a guy who wants to fundamentally change the way we are as a nation. No not Obama, the other snake, Soros. He claims to want a new world order, to make privately owned businesses and corporations a thing of the past. Of course, he actually is a closet capitalist, big time, having made billions the old fashioned way. He is the Dracula to your Renfield (only Renny laughs funnier than you do). But, hey, you did say once you’re prepared to eat bugs, right? He is using the “educated elite” of our nation (you know, you) to do his bidding. The good thing about the Koch Brothers is they are just what they say they are ruthless businessmen. They ain’t hiding a thing. We know what they are useful for, and just where they get dangerous. Soros, on the other hand has you all hornswaggled.

Did you know that the insurance company he owns, ‘Progressive’ is pedaling a new ‘Black Box” that he wants you to voluntarily insert in the OBD2 port in your car to save you money by tracing your driving habits, and possibly sell the info to the highest bidder. Can you say ‘Big Brudda’? No shit, ask your sister, the smarter Zano.

So get off the whole idea that this is anything but a political ploy, as was the Tea Party. There is no grass roots anymore, look out the window. It’s all dead, beige as a rock lawn in Sun City. It takes money, union power, and, well, weed, to get a good youth protest going today. I read dozens of news articles on both sides of the argument every day. I have a boring job, after all. To keep name calling and dismissing to the other side, like you do, is really what one does when they got nuthin left. Reading you is almost painful, and can only possibly be funny to you and other like minded drones, who just can’t wait for us to become Europe.

Reagan said it best, “we could all vote with our feet.” As smelly as yours are, you should get them to motivate you over to the big E, where you can feel right at home. You said you think at some point I will have to “get out of your way”. You have stated many times you think it’s‘over’ for us. Well Mikko, just maybe you need to get out of OUR way. We are not ready to give up.

You will pry my (insert personal valuable here) from my cold, dead hands

The Crank

I don’t typically intervene in the creative process of the contributors, even their gross misuse of bold, italics, ALL CAPS, BOLD ITALIC UNDERLINE ALL CAPS, but this is getting old… This whole ’buttle thing stops now. Crank: Zano wrote a little ditty [‘bout Jack and Diane…] comparing and contrasting Teabaggers and Occupy Wal*Marters; you came out with something wholly unrelated.

There are some valid points in there, somewhere, but it really does end here, I swear, on the graves of my long fallen ancestors, the Native Americans, who were slaughtered at the hands of freedom lovers and their fuckin’ Manifest Destiny {Washington Redskins? Really?)…

And I hate to defend Mick Zano, a man who remains nearly impossible to work with…which reminds me, you’re fired, Zano!

But Mr. Crank, you said reading Zano’s last post makes you sad. You know what makes me sad? Your current reading comprehension level. Zano had a few main points in his last post and you, as usual, missed all of them. Way back when, he warned the Tea Party to remain independent or risk a hasty demise under the Fox News banner and, ummm, that’s what happened. He has shown a keen political insight beyond what I expected when we started this little project.

Now, according to his latest post, he’s simply warning Occupy Wall Street not to make the same mistakes as their predecessors. He’s saying, don’t follow George Soros or MSNBC or anyone else for that matter. He even said it’s a “long shot” that they won’t get roped in by the lefties. He’s even suggesting incorporating Tea Party ideas into their platform while encouraging this group to become a viable and completely separate third party. That’s what I take from his last post. How does that possibly get translated into: Zano is George Soros and a socialist and is wrong about everything? How can that possibly be your interpretation? Alas, I don’t think you can read. In conclusion, it seems Zano has not been hornswoggled by George Soros, but you have certainly been hornswoggled by the Koch Brothers.

Zano then talks about how people immediately interpret things through a filter. Then you interpret everything he says through the very filter he’s talking about. Stop making his points for him. Frankly,he’s a smug enough bastard without your help.

Oh, and Zano…you’re still fired!

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