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Trumpghazi? Chicago Rally Attacks Were Planned, Not The Spontaneous Protest Of A Hateful Ass-Clown


Trump TowerThe Donald told reporters today the events at last night’s Trump rally in Chicago were planned and coordinated attacks. He believes they were not, as Hillary Clinton maintains, a spontaneous demonstration carried out by random progressive protestors. Trump believes this attack was anything but random. Trump said, “Chicago has become a vacuum of power under the Obama Administration. As a result, Illinois has become a failed state. Not to mention I hate the way they spell it. It’s weird. It’s weird. Chicago and its surrounding communities have become an ideal breeding ground for what I call progressive progressiveness. Why won’t Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama call Illinois what it is? It’s a poorly spelled, failed state. Their gross incompetence has helped to create Irrational-Shitty-Idiotic-Liberals (ISIL).”