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The Daily Discord’s Apology XCI: The Artistry of Kanye, The Accuracy of Trump



I am soooo fucking done with this shit. The only reason I, as CEO of The Discord, haven’t killed Zano outright is the associated jail time. This is another retraction installment of our internet saga, which, incidentally, takes most of my time these days. First and foremost, Zika is NOT spread by having sex with mosquitoes. I admit this one slipped right by me like a gaggle of Greaseweasels in a KY commercial. Secondly, the above image is of a Plymouth Superbird, not a Dodge Charger. I immediately told Zano to change the headline, but he apparently ignored me and kept having sex with that mosquito. Yes, most of our mistakes are not in the body of our posts, but in the headlines themselves. Fine, that’s all I will proofread anymore. You try reading Zano’s shit every flippin’ day! Oh, wait…you should. It’s really good, I swear.