Voting For Trump Was Not A Protest Vote, Pokey, But More Of A 50 Shades Of Neville Chamberlain Kind Of Thing

Fellow Discord contributor Pokey McDooris had some thoughtful comments after my last feature—blatantly wrong, but thoughtful. At one point he implied how either a Trump or a Sanders vote signified a vote against the establishment. Whereas that is certainly true on some level, it’s like confusing apples to orangutans. Those two politicians represent either end of the political and evolutional spectrum. It’s like comparing the 21st century politics to the dark ages, or Usain Bolt to Slowpoke Rodriquez, or Bowie to Bieber (gasp).  Whereas a Sanders wouldn’t dream of breaking the rule of law, Trump will break everything, including wind. Shart of the Deal?

This pokey comment takes the cake:

“Perhaps Trump is genuine, perhaps he’s a shill. We’ll find out. But I stand by my protest vote.”

Umm… a genuine what? ‘Shill’ doesn’t really capture the essence here. This is no run of the mill shill. This small-minded, small-souled, small-handed man is an Uber Shill, who’s likely mentally shill. Were he a cowboy he would be a Shilly the Kid; were he a TV counselor, he’d be Dr. Shill. I can’t wait for the next appropriations shill from Capitol Shill! And, he’s a bit over the shill to be president in the first place. Then again, a little dementia would probably only help his performance. Shilzheimers?

Pokey was also questioning the dubious motivations behind all the liberal protests springing up around our nation. “Get over it” is their meme. Liberals don’t need to take a shill pill, Pokey, on November 9th what we really needed was a morning after shill.

[Kill the shill jokes, Zano! -Winslow]

Fine, but perhaps the best example of democracy on Earth is about to Icarus itself into the La Brea tar pits, so excuse me if that stirs up some ire. Here’s another Pokey gem:

“It seems to me that those progressive ‘protesters’ throughout the nation are not protesting a particular policy or action, but Trump himself, as though he were somehow illegitimate–this feeds into the mob frenzy that would threaten and silence free speech like what happened last week in Berkeley and NYU. If your side really does have the intellectual high ground, if your side is really on the side of science and reason, then why are they the ones disrupting, shouting down, and silencing the free speech of their opponents?”

This is at the heart of what I’ve been blogging on about. Count me among those angry folks, who are no longer thinking clearly. I am sick of the bullshit. Nearly a decade ago I predicted increasing and eventually catastrophic polarization. The right wing created an alternate political reality and we allowed that to happen. CNN is paying for it now and soon we all will. Anger clouded republican’s political judgment, but I knew that the left would eventually follow suit. Now debating politics is a waste of time. Welcome to my rightmare.

Today, each side will cling to their own version of truthiness. I see no way to change this trajectory. Bringing up facts is pointless. I was hoping the right would fall out of power, because they no longer have any merit or relevance. As I’ve noted before, the right’s political resentments can be summed up by grandpa Simpson:

I love it when a republican says, “Now you know how we felt under Obama!” Yeah, that was a tough eight years under Barack improving-all-economic-indicators Obama. Give me a break …no really, I want a break from your unnecessary wars, your economic downturns, and your bullshit scandals. Trump has more real scandals during his first month than Hillary’s four decades of service. Oh, and he’s using an unprotected server. Nice.

I knew the progressive movement would eventually become the revolution, or at least the one that would ultimately matter. The Tea Party formed rather quickly after Obama’s election, but their views turned out to be sad, shortsighted and counterproductive. They might have had more credibility if they formed under George W. Shitshow. It was never about the deficits for them, but rather more about the skin tone. If you revile our deficits, republicans are the last people you should be supporting (See: numbers).

How did the Tea Party organize so quickly?

“Tyranny is always better organized than freedom.”

—Charles Peguy

Liberals have thousands of ideas, some good, some bad, some ugly. They are all going in a dozen different directions at any given time. The Tea peeps had maybe a dozen Fox News talking points with which to build their entire deluded platform. Very easy to rally around these simple, yet wrong ideas. I admit at this point I have officially bought the entire liberal package. This was certainly not the case ten years ago, but now I have developed an allergy to all things republican. I don’t want anyone who thinks like them in a position of power, ever again. A lofty goal, but a good one. It has always been my belief the GOP would bring us down; the question was when and how. Now we have the answers (really soon and Trump).

What’s shocking is how the Pokey’s of the world, generally smart people, still think Trump could succeed. I think that would actually be worse for the long term, as it would validate all the rottenness, greed, and global resource raping. But don’t worry, he will fail, and right on cue. Will the damage be reversible is the only remaining question.

More Pokey:

“If the battle is between reasonable debate versus irrational mob rule, why are the Trump supporters characterized as the irrational mob. It just doesn’t seem to happen on the Right. Trump’s rallies were consistently disrupted by the left. Where was any Hillary rally disrupted by Trump supporters? Even when Bernie Sanders was disrupted in his speech, it was by Black Lives Matter. I don’t hear the leadership from the Left condemning such behavior. Progressives, who in the 60s were emboldened by free speech slogans like: “I may not agree with what you say, but I would put my life on the line to defend your right to say it,” seem to have degenerated into the kind of people who have been conditioned to be comfortable with such blatant contradiction.”

There will always be people misbehaving on both sides, Pokey, in fact, this pattern will only increase as we approach revolution levels. Whereas GOP complaints are of the total anecdotal variety, liberal complaints are of the global/Chernobyl variety. It’s always been WWIII v Benghazi hearing 47. If your conclusion last November was to cast a vote for a strongman to save freedom, you have lost all perspective and all ability to process information.

Liberal politicians have historically tried to work with the other side, regardless of who is in power. I see no point in continuing that failed strategy. If we have any hope of salvaging a two party system, the GOP must be replaced with something reality based. At this point, I just don’t see that happening. Granted, we all must honor the political process. We must allow Trump to fail, hopefully sooner than later. Then we must be poised to pick up the pieces and restore our system of checks and balances …well, once the radiation levels drops to acceptable levels.


The full Pokey, Winslow, Zano comments from my last feature can be found, here.



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