Dear Zano: You Make An Over-Caffeinated Squirrel With ADHD Seem Attentive

squirrel_coffee_by_grampy0729I must say, Zano, ninety percent of what you write has nothing to do with my articles and the other ten percent seems to involve midget porn. Back in the day, when we’d watch the McLaughlin Group, I don’t remember that being such a prominent issue in world affairs. We need to find a way to agree on the basics! On this rag, you always seem like you’re debating some fundamentalist caricature of myself. You did recently make one very important point. You identified the third reason for Trump’s appeal as the dissatisfaction of both Republicans and Democrats. At least we can agree on that. I have my own list of key problems our country faces and, no surprise, it differs from yours.

When Barack Obama began his first term, he found the nation in economic and international chaos. Admittedly, much of the blame falls on Republicans. But you have to admit, the actions of the Obama Administration have made matters far worse. Republicans tried, time and time again, to elect people to take common sense actions to strengthen our domestic and international standing. Again, I admit these elected officials sold the American people out. Thus the feelings of frustration on both sides of the aisle.

Here is the main issues President Obama faced as moved into the Oval Office:

1) Islamic extremism

2) Massive national debt and a growing federal government

3) Over-regulated small businesses

4) An Immigration policy that reinforces people to come here illegally and discourages people to come here legally

5) Wall Street bankers and international investors stealing from Americans

6) No transparency for politicians and total transparency for everyday American citizens

7) The return of the 10th Planet, Nibiru (Sorry, Winslow insisted on some jokes).

Under President Obama’s leadership, we have watched the Islamic extremists grow stronger and more brutal. We have seen our national debt double. We have seen suffocating bureaucratic and IRS red-tape imposed upon small business owners. We have seen an immigration policy that gives more reinforcements for people to come into this country illegally. Speaking of which, what caused the breaking of our immigration system? I’ve never heard a Democrat, including you, ask or answer that question.

We have watched Wall Street investors gain even greater influence over our elected politicians. We have watched Hillary Clinton’s classified emails disappear, while our private phone records are sold to the NSA. You blame the 2008 collapse on the Republicans, but who sent the whistle blowers to jail for these crimes? Hint: it rhymes with Baroke OweChina

The American people have begun to suspect that all of the Washington establishment has sold out to those investors responsible for our current crisis. The American people realize that all mainstream politicians have taken money from these international Wall Street investors. In short, the American people are fed-up, so they see Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders as signs of hope. At least those two haven’t sold out (yet).

Also, you claim to be more concerned with Chicago violence than with Islamic violence and, yes, you should be. Chicago is the most violent city in the nation, but why is this? After all, Chicago has very strict gun regulations. I contend that the violence in Chicago can best be attributed to young men who grow up without a relationship with their biological father and no bounding with virtuous male role models. These relate directly to what I have earlier described as the progressive and incremental undermining of the foundational principles of personhood and genuine sexuality. It can be traced back to Planned Parenthood passing out birth control to the “undesirable” people and the loosening of sexual norms, among other Progressive policies. I look forward to your next correspondence, which will likely perseverate on the return of planet Nibiru’s midget porn industry. *sigh*

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Pokey McDooris

Pokey McDooris

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