Open Up and Say “Ahhhhhh”

Since both the Republican and the Democrats are owned by the economic enemies of this Republic, why do I choose to support the Republicans over the Democrats? The truth is that the Democrats are further along in their infiltration and indoctrination and thus have a more perverted effect on the younger generations who truly are the future of this nation. Zano’s Discord Nation need not apply.

Not only have the Democrats, like the mainstream Republicans, been bought and sold by the economic giants who have trampled on the Constitution and on the small businesses through the Federal Reserve and the IRS; not only have the Democrats dealt openly with the Muslim Brotherhood and allowed the Brotherhood, under the guise of CAIR, to indoctrinate our children; the Democrats have also bent over for the lobbyists of Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity (SOGI). That was punintentional…honest.

Democrats have prostituted themselves as vehicles for the destruction and degeneration of the American Family. Through the Democratic Party, Family Planning passed out birth control and paid for abortions in the black communities throughout the 1960s and beyond. This policy led directly to a skyrocketing of divorce and fatherless children, who are now encouraged to express frustration and rage on the streets of the cities across this nation in ‘protest’ against the racism of this nation.

Oh yeah, I agree racism against blacks has never been so blatant as it is now. But over the last seven days more black children have been murdered in their mother’s womb than all of the estimated lynchings committed by the KKK throughout our nation’s history. Through the Democratic Party, the SOGI groups have established National Sexuality Standards Core Content for K-12, where children are confused by being taught the lie that “people are born gay and can’t change.” The studies have been conducted; the data is conclusive—there is no genetic cause to same sex attraction. It’s true that sexual attraction is rarely a “choice” and there are common traits by those who experience same-sex attraction:

1) Alienation from the biological father through perceived hostility or abandonment

2) For boys whose mother was overprotected or for girls whose mother was emotionally unavailable.

3) Sexual abuse at a young age.

4) Exposure to pornography at a young age.

5) mental health issues related to depression, anxiety, or addiction.

The facts seem to mean nothing to these SOGI Democrats, who are determined to teach ten year old Johnny that anal sex is “normal” and “natural”, that if Johnny “feels” like a girl he should be brave enough to dress like a girl and act like a girl, and start peeing in the little girl’s room.

Look, I know that this is gonna sound ‘radical’ and I am not intentionally trying to offend, but I want you SOGI dominated Democrats (SOGIdemites) to open your minds real wide, at least as big as your [Censored]. Listen up, to seek to push a penis into an anus is objectively disordered behavior regardless of the shared ‘love’ experienced or the pleasure felt. Anyone who tells little Johnny anything different is confusing and corrupting him. And what a coincidence, we find a correlation between the mass distribution of birth control, social acceptance of pornography, and the encouragement of sexual experimentation with the rise in sex outside of marriage, infidelity, and divorce rates, and fatherless children. Keep in mind, the number one factor for people who experience same sex attraction is the abandonment or hostility of their father—and the answer that the Democrats provide–change the definition of marriage to allow for same-sex couples, and to teach our children just how normal and natural it all is.

Relax Johnny, this may be a little uncomfortable at first, but you’ll learn to like it. You know, like Democratic presidents.

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Pokey McDooris

Pokey McDooris

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