A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Protest

The Crank

When the new Arizona law on immigration was announced, all the liberal slash progressive types in the media and the entertainment field came out of the woodwork, like PhotoShoppers on Draw Muhammad Day. It was kinda like the White House rat, I mean Rahm, when he stole the show from Obama’s last speech.  Oh, and thanks to all the cities and officials that want to boycott Arizona. The only people they are hurting is the Hispanic population. They practically run the service industry.  I’m sure we’re all shaking in our boots now that Than Franthithco won’t be here any time soon. I have two words to say to all of the above, THANK YOU. No, REALLY, thank you.

Yes, thank you for all the attention. Thank you for not reading, nor caring to read, any part of the law. Thank you for bringing the country’s undivided attention to our part of the world. The whole country now knows that our Attorney General will give Black Panthers and union thugs a “get out of jail free” card.  I see NU-THING, I hear

NU-THING…while announcing to the world, “I do not have to read a law to know it is wrong. I have ESP, and am a black progressive, and look like Oprah’s boyfriend, so therefore I am correct.”

Thank you for pointing out that Ms. Nappy, ex Governor of AZ, now head of Homeland Security, can hold such a position while admitting to total amnesia. “Mr-er-Ms. Secretary, we have letters you, as Arizona’s Governor, sent to then President George Bush, wanting him to send troops to the border and finish building the fence.”

She replied, “Uh, Senator, I have no recollection of any such letters.  I don’t know nutin, I just woik here.”

Yes, she has a cork at the end of her forks so she doesn’t jam them into her eye sockets.  Apparently, she also has ESP.

“I do not have to read a law to know it’s bad, I am a Lesbian progressive liberal with a permanent bad hair day, and those facts instantly nullify all your arguments.”

Thank you, also, all the elected officials and police chiefs from the northeast and northwest, for knowing what is best for people living in an area you have never visited, nor have any understanding as to WTFIGO (what the fuck is going on).

What youse all have done is to bring to the attention of the whole country something that they all know is a reaction to a government that has, for many years, shirked its responsibility on the border. A law that was copied word for word from a federal law that has been in effect for some 30 years (unconstitutional?).  I love that last part; it shows just how much info one gets on the Lamestream Media. One liberal friend was profoundly surprised to hear it was already a federal law.

“I never heard that on CNN or MSNBC!”

Oh yeah, he can’t watch Fox, they lie J.

Hey, I think we need some more advice from Hollywood types. I have yet to hear from Babs (I Have The Best Voice In The World So I Am An Expert On All Things) Streisand, or what about that wonderful singer from Tucson, you know, “I Used To Be A Hottie Singer But Now I’m A UPS Truck With A Megaphone,” er, what’s her name, Linda Ronstadt. We also need to get Don Henley’s attention away from gouging old people with incredibly priced tickets to Eagles’ concerts.  I am lost without more uninformed opinions.  Thank god for The Discord. 

Come on guys, we know you all are at LEAST as stupid as Al (Expert For A Price) Sharpton! Alice Cooper once said in an interview that people in the entertainment industry are the last people you want an opinion from, having spent most of their formative years in various stages of semi-consciousness. When this fellow Valley of Sunner was asked if he was politically correct, he answered “politically incoherent.”

Almost 70 % of Arizona residents agree with the law. Over 60 % nationwide. And now, for the best part; 40 other states have now donated tens thousands of dollars to a legal defense fund set up to defend the law in court. 12 other states are thinking about their own versions. Just this morning, Senate Dems voted down a bill that would have sent 6,000 troops to the border, and enough cash to finish the fence.

Come on Washington. Lead, follow, or GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR WAY.

But it’s a dry Crank!

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