Special Counsel Robert Mueller Spotted On Actual Fishing Expedition

Key West, FL—Saturday afternoon a picture of Special Counsel Robert Mueller surfaced on Facebook. The picture depicts Mueller kicking back on a fishing boat with a check-in pin that suggests the image was taken in Key West, Florida. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said, “Come on! I don’t care how much he likes fishing, he had to know how bad the optics would look! So who took the picture, Comey or McCabe? Did he tag them on FB? When did he fish, and what did he fish for? Let’s call this one Saltwater-gate.”

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan added, “Looks like we have a very special counsel indeed. Are there Russian spies fishing off the coast of Florida, or was this just the worst decision of Mueller’s career? This makes me depressed and the only thing that will cheer me up is cutting more entitlements for the poor. Food stamps? How about food stamps?”

Robert Mueller is not commenting on the photo, but his office did release a statement that all activities of the Special Counsel and his office are classified during an open investigation. This includes the exact location and what bait was being used at the time.


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