Ask The Ghetto Shaman

Ask The Ghetto Shaman

Dear Ghetto Shaman,

Not sure you are contributing to society. It seems you behave poorly after you’ve been beer drinking and hell-raising.  Maybe you need to switch to wine, or maybe you need professional help.



Dear Carman,

Note sure what your question is, but I will address what I can:

A. Sure I contribute to society, just not in a positive way.

B. Wine is for people who haven’t developed a palate for beer.

C. Yes, I do behave poorly when drinking, which may explain my nickmame, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Heineken.

The Ghetto Shaman

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The Ghetto Shaman

The Ghetto Shaman

⊕ The Ghetto Shaman is a spiritual healer and guru best known for his book The Tao of Skullfucking. His advice columns has arguably helped many people and he is working with The Daily Discord on a weekly podcast called All Things Discouraged. ⊕ 

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