Happy Crankipendence Day: for those who Give a Shit

The Crank

Spiro T. Agnew was right thirty some odd years ago.  He called it how he saw it. The “Press” and its Liberal/Progressive lemmings are exactly what he said they were, “Effete intellectual snobs.”  He got his ass handed to him in a mayonnaise jar for that—only he was right on the money.

Harvard—that bastion of knowledge that teaches you how to talk, not how to do—just released a ‘study’ that, in effect, stated those who ‘subject’ their children to Fourth of July activities are harboring future Republican/Conservatives, which amounts to mind control and a form of indoctrination. After I saw the results of the study, and after the hrroid rage finally subsided (different type of rroids, from a different part of the body), I felt sadness. It has finally come full circle. If you love your country, and show it, you are a bad person. I have two words for this study…ASS HATS.  You know, like those people who take up two parking spaces at the mall, ASS HATS.

My own family members have stated to me that that’s one of the things they most hate about Conservative / Republicans is that they “wrap themselves in the flag, like they are the only ones allowed.”

To that I say, “I am not bogarting the flag, sir, you haven’t once said ‘gee could I wave that for a while?’”

You could, you know, you really just don’t seem to want to. New concept, “you can love your country without loving who is or isn’t in power.”

Obama handed congress its ass for wanting to take the “Fourth” off. He said they had better work through it until their job is done. He then waved as he boarded Marine One for a golf and family weekend—you know, with the daughters who he doesn’t know their ages. ASSHAT.

When I was a child, everyone loved and celebrated the fourth, Dems and Repubs alike. It was just what you did. Note to anyone who doesn’t love this country enough to show the kids what it’s all about, either move or get elected and change things. Sitting cross legged on the Adirondack chair by the poolside bitching about social injustice is just what got Europe into trouble. When they finally went belly-up, they asked the E.U.(Germany) for bail out Deutschmarks.

Angela Merkel of Germany said it best, “If you want Germany to come to your rescue, you had better start working as hard as we do.”

Imagine that…actually work for your money…what a concept.

Rich people who worship at the altar of socialism are the used car salesmen of our time. They expect you to believe what they say, even though they got all their money the old fashioned way, Capitalism. No one gave it to them. Only the true “educated” of our country are stupid enough not to see it.

Were our founding dudes perfect?  No, but they seem a whole lot smarter than today’s experts.

Happy Friggin’ Fourth!

The Crank

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