Affirmative Action Program Replaced With Infirmative Inaction

Tweet Tower—The Trump Justice Department is on the white privilege warpath today as Attorney General Jeff Sessions is putting the country’s institutions of higher learning on notice. Sessions warns, “White privilege has been tarnished in recent years by the previous administration. Reverse discrimination is what keeps me up at night, especially those pot-smoking discriminators. Look, we have a duty as Americans to restore white privilege to its former glory, Old Glory as it were.”

Senator John Q. Republican agrees with the AG office’s latest initiative. “Societal statistics have yet to determine if discrimination against white students has increased, or even if it exists at all, which is even more reason to get to the bottom of this blatant lack of evidence …uh, with tax payer money.”

Vice President Mike Pence added, “There’s less evidence for reverse discrimination than for Benghazi, so we’re going to have to have twice as many hearings to get half as far. That is my promise to the American taxpayer. May Hillary burn in hell. ”

Billy Idol had this to say:

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