Let’s Start With Something I Appreciated About Your Last Post, Pokey: The Length


Over the years I have been hard on all forms of fundamentalism, regardless of the particular brand. So, Mr. McDooris, I see your “the Qur’an was revealed to Muhammad” myth and raise you a “burning Bush” one (which, incidentally, should have happened due to his war crimes). Whereas I expect more from our own, you expect less and less. I guess that’s one way to never be disappointed. Blessed are the oblique? Your reasons for Trump’s ascendance are absurd. You have failed to acknowledge the fact your party is a clown car. Can’t we at least agree on that? Oh, but I did enjoy the length of your last submission. Being wrong, yet concise is a rare gift.

Why is The Donald Trump-Towering Over All His Opponents?

untitledIf you know so much, Mr. Zano, then why is Trump remaining so popular? It seems all of your little cartoons haven’t made a dent in old Orange Helmet. I have not been a fan of Trump. In fact, I have not spoken a word in support of his run for the Presidency. I see Trump as simply a more efficient version of President Barack Obama and, if our president were any more efficient, he’d be a dictator. Amen, for those ‘liberal’ portions of incompetence and inefficiency.

Why Are Republicans So Angry? Ignorance Is Supposed To Be Bliss

dunceGOPMLEarly in the 21st century, Republicans decided to untether themselves from reality, or more accurately, someone decide for them. Fox = news and morality = pews so no critical thinking necessary. How do they continue to gain seats with this record? Amidst the Age of Information, how have they dragged such a large faction of our country into delusion? Bill Maher recently asked, “did this crazy base always exist or have their numbers swelled through Fixed News and the like?” I think it’s a little of both. We all know someone who still says: had we only used bigger bombs in ‘Nam, or if we’d only kept those “gains” from The Surge in Iraq, or if we’d only ignored Watergate and left Nixon alone …so he could focus on Benghazi.

Herr Trump: The Democratic Anti-Candidate

HerrTrumpPhiladelphia, PAWhen I post stuff I usually just make fun of stupid people, like Zano. But here’s a unique opportunity to get all political and make fun of stupid people in one post. In case you‘ve been living on Mars, Donald Trump is leading the GOP polls by a near-record margin. The man is obviously pandering. I’m talking about Trump, not Zano…this time. He will say anything and everything just to appeal to “real Americans”. What kills me is that so many people actually believe him. Notice how he always speaks in generalities? “Oh, you don’t want to know what I would do to the terrorists.” Really? I think I do. That’s why I asked the question. Come on Don, what are ya gonna do? Are you going to shift to the middle?