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Pokey McDooris

Pokey is The Discord's chief theologian and philosopher. Pokey performs an important function here at The Discord, namely by annoying the living shit out of Zano, whenever he submits something.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform For Demies

trumptoonAs our nation’s orthodox consciousness becomes corroded by Progressivism, words lose their meaning. Most Republicans are also falling into this senselessness. One perfect example is immigration reform. Democrats tell us that our immigration is “broken,” and therefore we need “comprehensive immigration reform.” On the surface, there’s some truth in that. Look Zano, I don’t disagree with your view of the state of our politics, my concern is in our ability to meaningfully engage on issues of concern. You are to “meaningful political discourse” as The Ghetto Shaman is to spiritual enlightenment. Bloghisattva?

Dear Zano: You Make An Over-Caffeinated Squirrel With ADHD Seem Attentive

squirrel_coffee_by_grampy0729I must say, Zano, ninety percent of what you write has nothing to do with my articles and the other ten percent seems to involve midget porn. Back in the day, when we’d watch the McLaughlin Group, I don’t remember that being such a prominent issue in world affairs. We need to find a way to agree on the basics! On this rag, you always seem like you’re debating some fundamentalist caricature of myself. You did recently make one very important point. You identified the third reason for Trump’s appeal as the dissatisfaction of both Republicans and Democrats. At least we can agree on that. I have my own list of key problems our country faces and, no surprise, it differs from yours.

It’s The Constitution, Zano, Not Your Articles Of Degeneration

pokeyMLYou have nerve ridiculing the Republican primary process, Zano. You want to sound like you’re backing Bernie Sanders until he might actually win and then you start back peddling faster than Lance Armstrong in a sharknado. “But I danno if Sanders is electable in the general election.” Boo hoo. This is code for Closeted Hillary Supporter (CHS). Last year, I thought the election would come down to a stale contest between ‘Clinton v Bush.’ The Republicans have at least rejected a return to the past, yet Hillary Clinton remains the Dem darling. How is that progressive? Speaking of Progressive, my  dream ticket is Flo and that guy from those Sonic commercials. Now they could really bring back America…with Freedom fries.

Why is The Donald Trump-Towering Over All His Opponents?

untitledIf you know so much, Mr. Zano, then why is Trump remaining so popular? It seems all of your little cartoons haven’t made a dent in old Orange Helmet. I have not been a fan of Trump. In fact, I have not spoken a word in support of his run for the Presidency. I see Trump as simply a more efficient version of President Barack Obama and, if our president were any more efficient, he’d be a dictator. Amen, for those ‘liberal’ portions of incompetence and inefficiency.

Zano Is Undermining Traditional Family Values: Especially On Weekends

Zano is trying to label me as a Republican Fundamentalist. I am neither. However I do hold to the fundamental principles found in the Constitution and the Catholic faith. I can’t say that I disagree with Zano’s last post because, as usual, the scant specifics he offers come in the form of ‘knock knock’ jokes. If wit truly is “educated insolence” than let’s educate Zano, so someday his wit reaches some level of relevance. Many Americans have learned to doubt the facts the ‘experts’ espouse, because so often their facts have fallen short. One such Obama Administration fact is this, “The average family would annually save 2,500 under Obamacare.” See Zano, that’s a specific? It’s a specific claim that has proven to be false.

Open Up and Say “Ahhhhhh”

Since both the Republican and the Democrats are owned by the economic enemies of this Republic, why do I choose to support the Republicans over the Democrats? The truth is that the Democrats are further along in their infiltration and indoctrination and thus have a more perverted effect on the younger generations who truly are the future of this nation. Zano’s Discord Nation need not apply.

Argumentative Deficiencies and the Zano Doctrine

All right, Zano, it’s time for me to present a quarterly assessment all your logical fallacies and argumentative deficiencies. This should give you another ideal opportunity to avoid, distract, and otherwise dance around the principled points and positions—namely mine—in the guise of something that remotely resembles humor. You’re funny, Zano, but not “Ha, Ha” funny.

From Common Core to Common CAIR

Pokey McDooris

There’s been a noticeable change in the content of textbooks used in American public schools in relationship to Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Over the past twenty years, Islam has been increasingly shown in a positive light, while Christianity and Judaism have been ignored or shown in a negative one. Is this change based on the objective findings of genuine history or on the basis of political pressure? Libviticus?

I think we know the answer to this. Coincidently (or not) the speech of our government leaders have also shown Islam in a more positive light (as a peace-loving religion), while showing Christianity and Judaism in a negative light. Don’t forget about the Crusades, Christian slave owners, and those who cling to God and guns. I “hope” that we can all agree that this “change” in our political dialogue has no basis in honest history but is rather totally due to a twisted version of political correctness.

“I am waging a ‘bloodless’ revolution, promoting world cultures and faiths in America’s classrooms.”

—Shabbir Marsuri (Council of Islamic Education)

“I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the U.S. to be Islamic sometime in the future. But I’m not going to do anything violent to promote that. I’m going to do it through education.”

—Ibraham Hooper (of CAIR)

The American Textbook Council, founded in 1989, has studied the issue and concluded that current American textbooks:

1) Intentionally avoid showing Christianity and Judaism in a positive light.

2) Intentionally present disputed definitions and claims as established facts that shine positively on Islam.

3) Ignore or delete facts of history that cause people to view Islam negatively.

5) Avoid conflict and bloodshed in describing Islam’s “migration” into the Mediterranean world.

6) Christian behavior toward Muslims are often referred to as “violent attacks;” Christians themselves are referred to as “invaders;” while Muslim conquests of Europe are called “migrations.”

7) Islam is described as spreading smoothly without conflict, while Christian response to Muslim expansion is described as violent and genocidal.

8) Of course, the word “terrorism” is never used in relationship to Islam.

John Wood, a parent of an 11th grader at La Plata High School in Maryland, discovered that his daughter was being coerced in class to write that “Allah is the same god that is worshipped in Christianity and Judaism,” and that “the Quran is the word of Allah revealed to Mohammad in the same way that the Torah and the Gospels were revealed to Moses and the New Testament writers.” Her grades depend upon her writing that “the Prophet Mohammad was visited by the angel Gabriel and that Mohammad is the messenger of Allah and the Quran is a holy text.” She has been coerced into affirming that “There is no god but Allah.” The Thomas More Law Center has taken up the legal case against the school. Uh, but not because of that, because the school didn’t block access to The Daily Discord. Disgusting.

Throughout our nation our textbooks are watering down definitions of Jihad to mean “self-improvement by resisting temptation and evil” and Sharia to mean “a system of law promoting virtuous family life, moral conduct, and ethical business affairs.” What next? Will beheadings become part of a free and speedy weight loss program?

The future common core curriculum promises to show the Islamic influence in the American revolution, shared foundational principles between the constitution and Sharia as well as similarities between the Boston Tea Party and the 9/11 freedom fight. The transforming of our nation’s history will also include a learning about crusades as genocide. Recently uncovered quotes from our nation’s founding Imams, such as “I only regret that I have but one life to give to my Allah,” and “No education without indoctrination.” Fun filled Prayer Rug Pledge of Allegiance and Mosque Worship field trips. Students will be tickled to learn how the Prophet Mohammad was a forerunner in the Women’s Liberation movement. Recent research shows that if Mohammad were alive today he would be a militant supporter of a woman’s right to choose and same sex marriage. 

We are in a battlefield of ideas waged with our words, Zano. Our words do matter. You say they don’t. I say our words are all that matters. When a man loses his word he loses his soul. This war of ideas waged with our words points to a greater spiritual war of our soul’s eternal destiny. The truth will set us free. But, if we compromise, the Truth to appease the politically correct Kingdom’s of the World we’ll face more than some Daily Discord.

The Civil Wrong Movement

Pokey McDooris

The point from my last feature that Zano continues to ignore is how Beck recognized that “yes” radical Islam was getting out of hand. He did this as our President was doing victory dances, pulling troops out of the Middle East, and calling the Islamic radicals “the JV Team”. Obama has a host of actions that make little sense when one considers the context of the rise of a terrorist network, globally peddling their wares. Kora-Amway?

Our President encouraged the “Arab Spring” in Egypt that brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power. He invited representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House and provided them with aid. History tells us that the Muslim Brotherhood is the source of Al-Qaida, Hamas, and ISIS, and all Islamic Jihadists, but our President continues to promote a foreign policy that promotes the Muslim Brotherhood and their interests.

Oh yeah, our President and Mrs. Clinton supported the overthrow of Kaddafi, which led to the empowerment of more Islamic Jihadists. The President is encouraging a deal with Iran (Islamic Jihadists) that will encourage their empowerment in the region. And at a time when Christian persecution from Islamists is at an all-time high, this administration never, to my recollection, ever uses the term “Islamic extremists” or “Islamic radicals” or “Islamic meanies” or any other reference to Islam. Obama’s message? Muslims are all loving folks who have endured Islamophobia from insensitive conservative Christians who cling to God and guns.” And how about the term “Christian victim” or “Jewish victim?” Don’t you think it’s odd that this administration never acknowledges the religious targeting of Christians and Jews? Oh but he’s quick to mention the “black victims” and the “whitish assailants.”

That’s what stinks with this Ferguson deal being connected to the Civil Rights movement. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that enemies to our nation, such as the Muslim Brotherhood and their satellite branches, were funding this PR campaign that shows the world how “racist” the conservative Christians who cling to their guns and God are, so that they may gain support from alienated blacks within the United States. That’s a great strategy. First, strip our nation from all principled values so that our children become increasingly immoral, frustrated, and purposeless (See: Zano’s college career). Next you show the United States to be a racist satanic monster, then you recruit “Islamic terrorists” from the confused and frustrated youth within the United States.

Whether what’s going on arrives in a caliphate form or not, those individuals in the Middle East who call themselves Islamists—and who kill Christians, Jews, and even satirists—are purposefully trying to bring about Armageddon. And those who share in their worldview, whether they are united or not, are filtering into Europe as the Jews are being pushed out of Europe; and they plan on destroying Israel; and they are already organized in every state of our union. They are indoctrinating the young and the ignorant from around the world, for their message is simple and glorious: Allah wills Islam to rule the world through the might of the sword, and those who are courageous enough to wage this war for Allah will live joyfully in heaven forever, with lots of chicks, dental plans, free Wi-Fi etc. The brochure is tempting.

The way to defeat a worldview is by confronting it with a better worldview. That’s what it seems like President Obama is trying to do with his (and your) humanistic, atheistic, progressive spiritualistic hodgepodge. But the Islamists aint buying it. Humanism only emboldens Islam as they become further convinced that our hyper-secular, hyper-sexual-pornographic, hyper-liberated-abortive, hyper-technical push the button bombs, and hyper-commercial humanistic society is indeed Satanic (See: Zano’s post college career).

There are only two ways to confront the radical Islamic worldview:

1.) Truth.

Jesus Christ is not a mere prophet, but Jesus is God incarnate, and only through Christ’s sacrifice is forgiveness and redemption gained.

2.) Action.

Their military success shows them that Allah is on their side, so we must show them in no uncertain terms that Allah is not on their side.

Those who hold this “Islamic Jihadist” worldview want to bring about Armageddon/WWIII. It is a barbaric/hateful/racist worldview that realistically threatens the entire world. Meanwhile our Executive administration does not call them out for what they are. They are too busy highlighting the “evils” of our own nation in the form of: homophobia, to a war on women, to a systematic racism or highlighting an oppression of the poor.

“Evil only triumphs when good men do nothing.”

—Edmund Burke

Although, I am not in any way suggesting you’re a good man, Zano. Is that a retraction? Sorry, I’m new at this.

Oh, I kid the Zanster.

That Which We Call a Radical by Any Other Name

Pokey McDooris

Some random thoughts struck me this week, Zano, like squirrels on water skis, honey badger, and that hot barista over at Starbucks. Then some relevant thoughts struck me, but, since you have no answers, I thought I would list them all in an attempt to continue to annoy the crap out of you. First off, stop the placating! Start to join the voices condemning Islam as irrational, hateful, and just plain wrong. Quit encouraging these bullies and let’s start our own academic Jihad! Then more squirrels on water skis.

This week Rudy Giuliana said he didn’t believe that Barack Obama loved this country but, when challenged, Giuliana didn’t give a very strong defense of his statement and essentially backed down. Glenn Beck, however, did have a good response. Beck asked the question, “Is it possible for a person to want to ‘fundamentally change this country’ and still love this country?” I believe that to be a fair challenge. I know you have nothing but contempt for Mr. Beck, but back in 2013 Beck claimed that ISIS was forming a Caliphate. At this time our president was referring to ISIS as “the JV team.”

Then, this week, President Obama said, “Islam is woven into the fabric of the foundation of the United Sates” (paraphrased). This is totally false. Islam had absolutely nothing to do with the foundation of the United States, and it wasn’t until the 1890s that the 1st Islamic center was built in New York. In the 1700s, if there were such a person on this land who had even suggested Sharia law, they would have been rightly executed.

“We need to transform our history.”

—Barack Obama

President Obama said that ISIS is not Islamic, but rather a “hijacking of Islam.” This is also false. ISIS is not a deviation from Islam. ISIS has a coherent theology rooted in the Koran. ISIS is as Islamic as Muhammad; it might make us feel good to say otherwise, but if anything, ISIS is a ‘Reformation’ of the barbaric, yet theologically rooted, foundation of Islam.

The central message of the Koran is for the community of believers to spread its message through violence. Those people who truly believe that Muhamad is the last Prophet of Allah and that the Koran comes from God are at war with us, whether we like it, believe it, speak of it, or not.

By not addressing the reality of what is actually occurring in ISIS, Islam, and the Middle East, we are putting our heads in the sand as our enemy grows stronger and is emboldened by our feeble signs of weakness.

To say ISIS is not Islamic is like saying that the Nazis were not fascist. Let me start by contrasting the “racist slayings” in the U.S. with the real bigoted slayings going on around the globe like in Syria, France, Africa, etc. Our President and Al Sharpton and you too, Zano, ought to be rallying protests against the bigoted ideology—yes, “Islam.” Say it with me, kids. Isssslaaaaaam. What’s the capitol of Pakistan, kids? Islamisbad. I’m here til Friday. Is this thing on?

Those on the left have been tiptoeing around these bullies for too long. Call it what it is: Islam is a religion of intolerance—no, not just radical Islam, Islam itself. Read the Koran, look at the history. A Moderate Muslim is a person who doesn’t really believe that Muhammad is a prophet and doesn’t really believe that the Koran is from God.  Anybody who really believes that Muhammad is a prophet and that the Koran is really from God is a radical Muslim. 

We, that is reasonable Western thinking democracies, must expose Islam for what it is, no holds barred. Islam is a religion of intolerance. Oh, I know not all Islamic people are violent, but all true believing Islamists are tolerant of the violent worldwide jihad which is right not being waged against you and I.

Oh, and Zano, the only thing separating the Islamic State from you and me is conservative Christians. It sure isn’t the Democratic Party. Those same folks who work tirelessly to undermine, weaken and ridicule, Conservative Christians, kind of forget about Islam. Boo hoo, a reprehensible cartoon depiction of Muhammad, a reprehensible video, a reprehensible book, a reprehensible blog, blah, blah, blah. Yes, your blog is reprehensible but for decidedly different reasons.

I’m tired of these guys making everybody tip toe around them. Oh, be careful not to offend Abdul, kids. No really, he’s wearing a suicide vest.

Oh yeah, and the President will encourage the showing of the ‘Interview’ as a sign of patriotism? Well, let’s paste those cartoons on every newspaper and news station across the world. Oh no, that would be incendiary. What is more reprehensible to joke about the killing of present day world leader, or the satirical depiction of a false prophet who’s been dead for 1400 years?

Next installment: rethinking the virtues of the Holy Crusades…